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Kirkstall Bridge Dog Friendly

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Whether you’re a devoted dog owner with a penchant for pubs or a pub enthusiast with a soft spot for dogs, you’re in for a treat!

Leeds boasts an impressive array of dog-friendly pubs, spanning from quaint, traditional establishments nestled in the suburbs to trendy craft beer places in the heart of the city. This city is a haven for canine companions and their human friends alike, offering a diverse mix of spots that welcome your furry pals with open arms.

Understanding the importance of green spaces for your four-legged friends, we’ve also taken into consideration the best spots for a pre-or-post-pub walk. So, gather your leads, lace up your walking boots, and don your flat caps as we dive into our top picks for dog-friendly pubs in Leeds. These are places we highly recommend for their warm welcome to both you and your canine companion.

The Adelphi – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Adelphi Dog Friendly

The Adelphi is a beloved local pub known for its cosy atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly staff. With a prime location next to the River Aire and close to the vibrant South Bank area, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with your four-legged companion by your side.

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Situated in the city centre, The Adelphi is just a short walk from the dog-friendly Sovereign Square Park. This green oasis is a favorite among local dog owners, offering plenty of space for pups to run and play. There’s even a small waterflow that serves as an ideal drinking spot for thirsty dogs.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

At The Adelphi, dogs are welcome in both the bar areas and the gardens. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed in all areas of the pub. With plenty of cosy snugs and quiet corners to choose from, you and your furry friend can settle in and make yourselves at home.

The Brunswick – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Interior view of The Brunswick featuring a bar with beer taps, a variety of spirits on shelves, and a chalkboard menu. Green plants add a fresh touch to the cozy atmosphere.

For a laid-back pint in a quirky setting, head to The Brunswick. This casual pub serves up seasonal British fare alongside an excellent selection of beers, all in a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for both humans and their canine companions.

Location copy-link-to-section

While not directly in the city centre, The Brunswick is just a short distance away and is conveniently close to Lovell Park. This green space boasts several short walking routes and ample grass for your pooch to explore off-leash – the ideal way to burn some energy before settling in at the pub.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Brunswick is a true dog-friendly haven, with pups given free rein to roam the pub’s two floors. The staff are always quick to offer water bowls to keep your furry friend hydrated, ensuring that both you and your dog feel welcome and well looked after.

Belgrave Music Hall – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Belgrave Music Hall outside seating

Belgrave Music Hall is a one-stop-shop for entertainment, boasting three floors of live music, art, film, and mouth-watering fast food. With a welcoming atmosphere and a commitment to inclusivity, it’s no wonder this spot is a favourite among locals and their four-legged friends.

Location copy-link-to-section

Nestled in the heart of Leeds’ vibrant Northern Quarter, Belgrave Music Hall is just a short walk from the tranquil Merrion Gardens. This hidden gem offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city centre – perfect for a quick dog walk and a breath of fresh air before enjoying all that Belgrave has to offer.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

At Belgrave, everyone is welcome – including your furry pal. The hardwood floors provide the perfect surface for your dog to stretch out and relax while you soak up the creative vibes. And if your pooch gets thirsty, just head to the bar, where the staff are always happy to provide a bowl of water.

Cardigan Arms – Kirkstall copy-link-to-section

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Cardigan Arms Dog Friendly

The Cardigan Arms is a restored Victorian pub in Burley, run by Kirkstall Brewery. It is grade II listed building.

The pub has retained its original 19th century etched glass, ornate woodwork, and decorative ceilings. It serves beers from Kirkstall Brewery.

Location copy-link-to-section

The Cardigan Arms is located just around the corner from Burley Park, which is popular with dog walkers.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Cardigan Arms provides free belly rubs and treats to visiting dogs, in addition to water bowls. The pub has lots of rooms on the ground floor for finding a quiet resting spot.

“Nice choice of ale, nice clientele, nice staff and is dog friendly so you often get to meet some lovely canine friends whilst having a nice pint.”

Canary Bar – City Centre copy-link-to-section

More about the Canary Bar

Canary Bar Dog Friendly

For a truly unique drinking and dining experience, look no further than the Canary Bar. Constructed from repurposed shipping containers, this striking bar and restaurant boasts two levels, each with its own bar, as well as a heated front deck and an upper terrace with stunning views of Leeds Dock.

Location copy-link-to-section

The Canary Bar is situated in a prime spot between the River Aire and the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Leeds Dock. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Aire before settling in at this dog-friendly waterside gem for a memorable meal or drink.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

Furry friends are always welcome at the Canary Bar, and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure they feel right at home. With plenty of treats and water bowls on hand, your pooch will be pampered while you sit back, relax, and soak up the bar’s warm, inviting atmosphere.

Cross Keys – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Cross Keys Leeds Dog Friendly

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Leeds City Centre sits The Cross Keys. A cosy gastro pub.

The Cross Keys has been a finalist for “top three gastropubs in the UK” over the last decade and was described as “a hidden gem” by the Metro newspaper. Originally it was built as a pub for local foundry workers.

Location copy-link-to-section

Sovereign Square Park is less than half-a-mile away from The Cross Keys. Sovereign Square Park is a dog friendly space with lots of dog walkers who live in the surrounding apartments. There is even a water flow in the park that dogs can drink from.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Cross Keys pampers visiting dogs with water, treats, and extra attention from the staff. Dogs are also welcome in the outdoor beer garden on nice days, so there is plenty of space for them.

“In fact it was so dog friendly that the Chef provided a small cut of meat for our dog.”

The Fenton – City Centre/Hyde Park copy-link-to-section

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The fenton

For a pub that seamlessly blends the traditional with the trendy, look no further than The Fenton. This indie watering hole excels at the basics while also offering a touch of edginess, making it a favourite among locals and their canine companions.

Location copy-link-to-section

Situated on the edge of the city centre, The Fenton is easily accessible and provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

At The Fenton, your dog has the run of the pub and the beer garden – the only area off-limits is the function room. With a commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming space for all visitors, you can rest assured that both you and your pooch will feel right at home in the Fenton.

Fox & Grapes – Pudsey copy-link-to-section

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Sunny outdoor seating area at Fox & Grapes with wooden picnic tables, green artificial turf, and decorative potted plants.

Nestled just seven miles outside the bustling city center, the Fox & Grapes is a charming pub that welcomes both two-legged and four-legged visitors. With a mouthwatering menu of British classics, an impressive selection of draft beers, wines, and cocktails, and a dedicated doggy menu, this spot is sure to delight you and your pooch alike.

Location copy-link-to-section

The Fox & Grapes is conveniently located along the A64, York Road, between Leeds and York. Just a short 10-minute journey away, you’ll find the stunning Bramham Park – the perfect place for a scenic dog walk before or after your visit to the pub.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

Get ready to spoil your furry friend rotten at the Fox & Grapes! This pub boasts one of the few full dog menus in Leeds, complete with delectable treats and meals designed just for your pooch. From the Paw-star Martini to the irresistible Fish and Chips, the doggy menu is guaranteed to get tails wagging with excitement.

Headingley Taps – Headingley copy-link-to-section

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Headingley Taps Dog Friendly

Headingley Taps is a lively pub and restaurant located in the heart of Headingley. It offers food and drinks daily.

With plenty of TVs and a lively atmosphere, Headingley Taps is a top spot for watching sports while enjoying drinks and banter.

Location copy-link-to-section

Beckett Park is under a mile away and offers lots of open green space for dogs to roam and explore. The park provides views over Kirkstall Valley.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

Headingley Taps welcomes dogs with water and snacks. There is ample room to sit inside or outside. Weekdays may be better for easily spooked dogs, as weekends bring large groups of students in costumes for the Otley Run pub crawl.

“Super friendly staff. Dog friendly. Good for watching sport, lots of screens.”

Headrow House – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Headrow House indoor seating

Housed in a former textile mill, Headrow House is a true destination pub, offering an unrivalled selection of high-quality food, drink, and artistic performances. With a setting that’s second to none and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to while away an afternoon or evening with your furry best friend by your side.

Location copy-link-to-section

Headrow House is located in the heart of Leeds city centre, nestled in one of the city’s historic yards. Its central location makes it easily accessible and the perfect starting point for exploring all that the vibrant city has to offer.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

As one of the largest dog-friendly venues in Leeds, Headrow House has plenty of space for your four-legged friend to stretch out and relax. The rooftop bar is particularly popular among dog owners, providing the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing drink with your pup by your side.

Kirkstall Bridge Inn – Kirkstall copy-link-to-section

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Kirkstall Bridge Dog Friendly

Owned by Kirkstall Brewery, the Kirkstall Bridge Inn overlooks the River Aire. It offers food and drink daily, as well as a riverside beer garden.

Dog owners love the Kirkstall Bridge Inn for its idyllic location along the river, perfect for combining pub visits with long walks.

Location copy-link-to-section

Nearby attractions for dog walking include the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and the grounds of the historic Kirkstall Abbey.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Kirkstall Bridge Inn welcomes dogs in the bar area and outside beer garden. Water bowls are freely available. The expansive outdoor area gives dogs plenty of space to enjoy.

“The staff were really friendly and helpful and made a big fuss of our dog which she loved. There are dog treats in the bar and water bowls outside.”

Nation of Shopkeepers – City Centre copy-link-to-section

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Nation of shopkeepers dog friendly pub

Nation of Shopkeepers is a pub, diner, music venue, and thrift store all rolled into one. And it welcomes dogs!

They also hosts DJ nights, art events, film screenings, pub quizzes and more. It’s a great choice if you like a lively atmosphere.

Location copy-link-to-section

The pub is close to Merrion Gardens, which provides peaceful green space in the heart of the busy city centre area.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

During the day, dogs are allowed inside and outside the pub. Water is available upon request. There are large indoor spaces and a courtyard outside suited for bringing dogs along.

“We are really happy you enjoyed your time with us and it’s always a pleasure when you bring your doggos along!”

Northern Monk Refectory – Holbeck copy-link-to-section

Find out more about Northern Monk Refectory

Dog Friendly Pubs Leeds

The Northern Monk Refectory serves craft beer in an old industrial building and features pop-up street food vendors.

As the taproom for the Northern Monk brewery, the Refectory offers fresh local beer straight from the source.

Location copy-link-to-section

The pub is an easy walk from Leeds city centre and the University. Nearby is Holbeck Moor Park, which offers space to walk your dog in a lap or two, all under half-a-mile from the Refectory.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

Dogs should be supervised at all times and caution is advised if there is loud music playing. However, dogs are not only allowed at Northern Monk, they are encouraged! Pups will be greeted with treats, water, and fusses from the staff.

The Mustard Pot – Chapel Allerton copy-link-to-section

Find out more about The Mustard Pot

Mustard Pot Dog Friendly

The Mustard Pot is a Georgian-style gastro pub in Chapel Allerton serving real ales.

Features like open fires in winter and pop-up tipis in summer make the Mustard Pot versatile across seasons. There’s something for everyone here!

Location copy-link-to-section

Chapel Allerton Park is nearby. The lower green hillside area of the park allows off-leash dog walking, away from children’s play areas.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Mustard Pot has a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes dogs. Pups are allowed both indoors and in the large outdoor beer gardens. Water bowls are freely available.

“As a large group of family catching up, with two dogs, the outdoor area was brilliant.”

Preston – Oakwood copy-link-to-section

Find out more about Preston

Preston Dog Friendly

Preston is a neighborhood pub in suburban Oakwood, operated by the owners of North Bar in Leeds city centre.

Preston serves a rotating selection of taps from North Brewing and other local producers, as well as perfectly poured cask ales and specialty coffee.

Location copy-link-to-section

Preston is conveniently located near Soldiers Field and the entrance to the massive 700-acre Roundhay Park, which offers endless dog walking opportunities.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

While room inside is limited, Preston has outdoor seating where dogs can relax with their owners. Pups receive tummy rubs, treats, and water from the friendly staff.

“Nice chilled out atmosphere, friendly staff, good choice of beers, and they allow dogs in, and there were some cute ones.”

The Two Pointers – Woodlesford copy-link-to-section

Find out more about The Two Pointers

Two Pointers Dog friendly

For a true taste of a traditional Leeds pub, head to The Two Pointers. With a dining area, sports bar, function room, and heated outdoor seating, this spot has something for everyone – including your furry companion.

Location copy-link-to-section

The Two Pointers is situated in the charming village of Woodlesford, just a short 6-mile journey from Leeds city centre. Its location along the Trans Pennine Trail makes it a popular stop for walkers and cyclists alike. And with Woodlesford Park just around the corner, you and your dog can enjoy a scenic stroll before or after your visit to the pub.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

At The Two Pointers, dogs are more than just welcome – they’re treated like VIPs. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that both you and your furry friend feel at home, even offering leashes for post-meal walks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm hospitality of this quintessential Leeds pub.

Water Lane Boathouse – City Centre copy-link-to-section

Find out more about Water Lane Boat House

Water Lane Boat House Dog Friendly

The Water Lane Boathouse is known as one of the best waterside pubs in Leeds. With a beer garden overlooking the canal, it’s a top choice for outdoor drinks with your dog.

The food menu serves seasonal dishes but keeps pizza as a constant fixture.

Location copy-link-to-section

The pub sits along the 4km Leeds Canal walking route, which goes from Leeds Dock to Thwaite Watermill. It’s perfect for combining a pint with a canal-side stroll.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

The Water Lane Boathouse welcomes dogs in all areas. There is even a special “dog bar” set up for four-legged visitors. The pub hosts an annual dog show and has an Instagram account, @WaterLaneDoghouse, for people to share photos of their dogs.

“Great dog friendly pub and delicious food”

The White Swan – City Centre copy-link-to-section

Find out more about The White Swan

"Chocolate brown dog sitting on a cobblestone patio at The White Swan with people dining in the background."

A cosy pub in the heart of Leeds city centre, The White Swan is known for its delicious homemade food and extensive selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Whether you’re looking for a quick pint or a leisurely meal, this spot has you covered.

Location copy-link-to-section

The White Swan’s central location makes it incredibly easy to access, with Leeds Train Station and numerous bus routes just a short walk away. And if your dog needs a bit of green space to stretch their legs, the nearby Merrion Gardens provides the perfect spot for a quick walk.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

While The White Swan is a dog-friendly establishment, it’s important to note that space can be a bit tight during busy times. You may need to keep your furry friend on a lead to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. But don’t worry – the staff are always happy to provide a bowl of water and a few treats to keep your pup content.

Whitelock’s Ale House – City Centre copy-link-to-section

Find out more about Whitelock’s Ale House

Whitelocks Dog Friendly

Whitelock’s Ale House, established in 1715, is the oldest active pub in Leeds city centre. It has a Victorian interior and serves British food alongside local ales and craft beers.

As the oldest pub in Leeds, Whitelock’s has incredible history and character.

Location copy-link-to-section

Take your dog for a walk to nearby Penny Pocket Park close to the River Aire. Finish up with a pint at the historic Whitelock’s Ale House.

Dog Accessibility copy-link-to-section

Well behaved dogs are strongly encouraged at Whitelock’s. Water bowls are provided for visiting pups. Dogs have run of the place, including the outdoor terrace for when the weather is nice.

“Staff so friendly and lots of beers on tap. And it’s dog friendly too…our doggie had a great time as well.”


As your go-to guide for everything Leeds, Discover Leeds is continually on the hunt for more dog-friendly pubs. Our search spans from the bustling heart of the city and its vibrant inner-city suburbs to the serene, leafy outskirts of the metropolitan area.

We will continue to update this list! Keep an eye to find out where else in Leeds your four-legged friend is not just allowed, but warmly welcomed. 

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