Chapel Allerton Park

Chapel Allerton Park


This attractive park is located around the corner from the trendy bar and café area of Chapel Allerton.

Chapel Allerton Park

Chapel Allerton park is split into two parts. At the top end you have a medley of play and physical activity stations suited for all ages. And below this the park blends into the hilly scenery offering up alluring views out and across Gledhow Valley.

The name Chapel Allerton attests to the Old English alor ‘alder’ and ‘tun’ or ‘estate farm’ thus meaning ‘Alder farm’. And the greenery and growth – like the biggest allotment plot next door to the park – attests and traces back to this past.

Location Details

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  • Chapel Allerton Park Playground
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  • Chapel Allerton Park Sign

Things to Note

Chapel Allerton Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Chapel Allerton Park is a park green space 2-miles from Leeds city centre, located just off Harrogate Road between Gledhow Valley.

Things to Do

There’s lots of different activities to do at Chapel Allerton Park, here’s some of the best picks:


Chapel Allerton Park has 3 public hard courts that can be played on for free. Located at the top of the park next to the playground, the courts are fully accessible to everyone including wheelchair users.

Do I need to book a tennis court?

It’s free to use the tennis court but you will need to book a court space on the LTA clubspark website.

Ping Pong

If tennis is a little too strenuous on your legs then the next best bat and ball game is ping pong. Requiring a lot less running around this striking game is perfect for a couple of mates to bat away an hour or two on a nice day. The table can be found at the top of the park near the front entrance, and is free to anyone to jump on and play. A bat and ball should be provided – check under the table – but if not the next best thing is to bring your own.


The Chapel Allerton crown green bowling club are a friendly bunch of bowl enthusiasts that play the game between April and September every year. The green is part of a club so it’s fenced off and only accessible if you join up as a member. But don’t be put off by this. They’re always on the look out for both new and experienced players. You can hit them up on their Facebook page to find out more and ask any questions you have.


The park has two full sized goal posts setup on a small sized pitch about halfway down the park. Due to the hill working from bottom to top your direction of play will be across the middle.

Walking the Dog

Dog walking is allowed but it is advised that you let the dog off the lead safely clear of the play areas at the top end of the park. We recommend using the green hilly section towards the bottom end of the park.


The playground has a slide, swings and several climbing frames.

And inspired by a local appeal over at Roundhay Park playground, local residents are currently fundraising to improve the park. The aim is to make it more inclusive and accessible for all children by installing a wide range of new accessible play equipment.

If you’re a local resident and parent then the fundraising drive has an ear to the ground and is ready to listen to your opinion. Head to the Chapel A Play Instagram to find out more!

Take a look at our break down of the best playgrounds in Leeds.


Looking for somewhere to sledge in Leeds? Its just snowed? One of the best things about a hill is the speed you can generate going down it! We don’t get lots of snow, so when we do you need to head to Chapel Allerton park to hit the slope.

It’s “one of the best hills for sledging you could ever imagine” said one satisfied thrill seeker.

Draw in the Sketchbook

Chirpy – the local contemporary gift shop love putting on creative workshops, whether that’s one offs or a series of them. One of these involves getting out into Chapel Allerton park to sketch the landscape. Get drawing outside!

Consider the contrast between the red brick and rooftops and the ribbon of greenery that is Gledhow Valley. It’s a beautiful environment to get creative.

Keep an eye on Chirpy’s workshop listings for the next one.

Get Planting in the Allotments

The Gledhow Valley allotments is joined onto the park. The plots have been there since the First World War and are the largest combined in the city.

In total there are 129 sites for budding gardeners and growers and even a couple of managed hives for the local bees.

If you like a social you can join the Sunday morning tea and cake meet to munch sweet treats and sip refreshing tea while troubleshooting your growing conundrums. As the allotment is on a waiting list head over to complete the signup process on the website.

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Way back in medieval times Chapel Allerton was a series of small holding farms. Yet, well into the seventeenth century it started to become a destination for the wealthy. And even was described by one old visitor as the “Monpellier of Yorkshire”

Since the height of its bourgeoise days, Chapel Allerton has officially become part of the Leeds metropolitan area, originally introduced as a stand alone village. The twentieth century has seen the area expand with significant strides in the development of housing and road links. There was even a tramway system running through it until the 1950s.

In 2018 the Times newspaper rated Chapel A as one of the best “up-and-coming” places to live in the north!


There are no toilets or changing facilities in the park. Your nearest toilet is a 5-minute walk away at the Toby Carvery.

Food and Drink

Chapel Allerton park has lots of food and drink options on its doorstep, it is after all an extension of the trendy café and bar area of Chapel Allerton. After your visit to the park why not head down to the high street centre for a cup of coffee and slice of cake at the Opposite CaféHow about some fish and chips from The Regent.

If you want something a little more substantial grub wise and an alcoholic drink to go with it then you need to check out one of the Beck and Calls pub lunches. Or for those that want a slap up three course meal you won’t find much better than Sukothai –  “the home of authentic Thai in Leeds.”


The park is prime pickings for a good picnic. At the top end of the park (near the activity areas) there’s lots of big trees with plenty of shade. On a holt sweltering day these shaded spots are perfect for a picnic. And that’s without considering the oil painting picture views over Gledhow Valley.


Park for free right next to the park on the residential street of Pasture Lane, postcode: LS7 4QW (Google Map Directions)


The park has access points at the top, middle and bottom of the green space. The paths are wide and well paved. And many of the activity stations are accessible by wheelchair. Improvements to equipment is ongoing – like the playground – and will improve the experience for all when completed.

How to Get To Chapel Allerton Park

Google Map Directions

If you’re travelling from the centre of Leeds the quickest form of transport is a 15-minute taxi ride. Alternatively, you can take buses 2, 3, 3a & 36 to the nearest bus stop to the park, which is 5 minutes walk away on Harrogate Road. This journey will take you no more than 30-minutes in total.

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