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The Regent Fish and Chips

The Regent

  • Fish and Chips
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Traditional fish and chip shop in a beautiful stone building in the centre of Horsforth

The Regent Fish and Chips

The Regent has been filling the bellies of Horsforth with some of the best fish and chips since 1925. For one of the most popular takeaways in the country your in good hands when you visit this chippy.

Location Details

The Food

Awarded the ‘Fryers Quality Award’ for achieving a level of quality that meets the criteria for a quality example of fish and chips. Once given this has to be maintained year on year. The current owner of the Regent (Adrian) was the first to receive the accolade in West Yorkshire, in the 80s.


It’s crispy batter and flaky white Haddock all the way. And if you’ve never had a ‘Yorkshire fishcake – two slices of potato sandwich in a slice of Haddock, all coated in breadcrumbs – then you have to try one from here.

There’s also a kids meal option with a choice of fish, chicken or sausage.

The Drink

There is a small selection of soft drinks available.

The Place

This beautiful stone building started life as a cobblers way back in 1925 before becoming a place to get your fried fish and potatoes. The clientele back then were the local labourers in the silkworm factories and the coppers from the police station that was opposite.

While you’re in there waiting for your fish and chip supper cop an eye of the information points on the walls telling you where the potatoes were grown and what ship caught your fish – from sea to plate these guys are conscious of everything.

Where to Park

Park for free on the residential street of Burley Lane, postcode: LS18 4NR (Google Map Directions)

How To Get Here

Google Map Directions

If travelling by bus take the A1 flyer from Wellington Street to Featherbank Lane and then complete the journey with a 5-minute walk up Regent Road. A taxi journey will take around 20-minutes from the city centre.

Catching a train to Horsforth from Leeds station is doable but it will require a bit of leg work to make the 25-minute walk from the platform to the Regent.


Access to the Regent is up 6 steps.

Delivery Options

Collection and delivery are available.

    Note from Discover Leeds: Where possible we suggest contacting directly and/or collecting as third party delivery companies take a large cut.

    What To Do Next

    Once you’ve been served by the Regent team make the 10-minute walk to Horsforth Hall Park via the A6120 and find one of numerous nice spots in the park to sit down and enjoy your fry!

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