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Merrion Gardens children playground

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Leeds has 65-parks. We have reviewed each one and considered what makes a quality playground experience:

  • Equipment.
  • Age suitability.
  • Break out activities you can do before or after.
  • What makes these playgrounds unique. 

Below is our roundup of the best playgrounds that you and the little ones need to check out in Leeds!

If you want to find playgrounds near you, browse our full list of playgrounds.

Bramley Fall Park and Woods copy-link-to-section

77 Town St, Bramley, Leeds LS13 2ET

Bramley Fall Park and Woods has a playground and lots more to keep you entertained. Here it’s all about the playful and creative additions made by locals. And all in the midst of one of the most magical ancient woodlands in the city.

More about Bramley Fall Park and Woods

The Playground

The playground is located next to the public car park off Leeds and Bradford Road. In a colourful enclosed space with a cushioned floor; the little ones can play on slides, swings, climbing frames and more. Bear in mind that the equipment hasn’t been replaced for a while but this doesn’t remove any of its fun quality! 

The real gem about the Bramley Fall Park playground is that locals have extended the play area to include a selection of rope swings. You’ll spot these from the edge of the playground hanging from the huge trees! There’s different lengths of swing depending on your size. If you’re playing with a toddler it is advised to safely oversee them. 

Brookfield Recreation Ground copy-link-to-section

Brookfield Recreation Ground, Calverley, Pudsey, LS13 1NN

Brookfield Recreation Ground is the type of playground that rolls back the years to play areas that embraced the natural environment.

This no frill setup lends itself to wandering in the fresh air and playing in an open and expansive way. A reason why we have it down as one of the best play areas Leeds.

More about Brookfield Recreation Ground

The Playground

The playground in Brookfield Recreation Ground is suitable for both toddlers and older children. All the play equipment is purposely spaced out without fencing, allowing more open play and free-roaming.

Most of the equipment is wooden which blends nicely with the countryside and surrounding greenery. You can play on slides, swings and roundabout; the climbing slide is steep and there’s a huge spider net, which makes this play park attractive for the older ones.


There is a thrilling zip wire that sends you flying at speed. This is guaranteed to keep the parents entertained, let alone the children! 

Another strength of the play in Brookfield Recreation Ground is the playing fields right next door to the playground. Why not split up the playground fun with some breakout games on the grass, and all in clear sight of a parent!

Burley Park copy-link-to-section

23 Vinery Rd, Burley, LS4 2LB

Burley Park Playground

Burley Park is an Victorian-era park in inner-west Leeds. Alongside the traditional playground are facilities including a bandstand and bowling green.

More about Burley Park

The Playground

With colourful fencing you’ll find it hard to miss Burley Parks classic inner-city feel playground. The play equipment is more geared towards a toddler with swings, slides, spinners, and see-saws ready to go. Despite the equipment being a little old it still does its job; and it’s the stuff around the playground that really makes Burley a playful park!

Alongside playing in the playground toddlers and children can use the tennis and basketball courts for different ball games. Or they can exercise on the keep-fit machines. And pick seasonal fruit from the well-kept community gardens and orchards. There’s lots of fun things to do in Burley Park!

Calverley Lane Park copy-link-to-section

Calverley Ln, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4FH

Calverley Lane Park childrens playground

Calverley Lane Park is a recreational green space that is mainly used to play amateur cricket. On the edge of this secluded park is a lovely little free playground.

More about Calverley Lane Park

The Playground

Split into two sections, this small enclosed wooden play area has a slide, swings, climbing frame, balance beams, stepping stones and a bucket swing – ideal for both a toddler and child!

In the spring and summer months of April to September the cricket pitch is in use on a weekend. When a game isn’t taking place the well maintained pitch turns into a huge playing field. This is perfect to play some ball games or run around without the confines of any fencing. Just remember not to run on the wicket!

Chapel Allerton Park copy-link-to-section

Chapel Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, LS7 4QH

Chapel Allerton Park stands out because of its striking surroundings. The playground sits in the middle of a long green space with views over Gledhow Valley.

More about Chapel Allerton Park

The Playground

Chapel Allerton Park playground comes with a small selection of slides, swings and climbing frame combinations. Through a collective effort, a group of volunteers by the name of ‘Chapel A Play’ have tirelessly fundraised to install a new playground which opened in November 2023.

You can now play on a trim trail, hill slide and climber, sound and movement sensory orbs, a bank slide, see-saws, a new climbing frame and roundabout. This, all in an open plan style play area without fencing.

Farnley Hall Park copy-link-to-section

Hall Ln, LS12 5HA

Farnley Hall Park is a grandiose park space that is part of the Green Gateways that links up countryside, parks and trails in west Leeds. The playground is a recent addition to the park.

More about Farnley Hall Park

The Playground

Farnley Hall Park is one of the best outdoor playground with parking in Leeds. It has plenty of parking spaces to accommodate visiting families. The playground has had a revamp.

The new equipment has all your firm favourites including:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • See-saws
  • Playframe

Lacking is the shortage of swings with only 1 suitable for a toddler and 1 for a child.

If the playground is exhausted of fun then you’ve got a ace up your sleeve with the Farnley Hall fish pond. Located a quick walk north over Hall Lane; this pond is perfect for some dipping. All you need to bring is a net, tray and a magnifying glass. 

Depending on what season of the year it is you might see anything from newts to pond skaters in your catch. It’s a perfect finish to a playground visit!

Hembrigg Park copy-link-to-section

Hembrigg Park, Morley, LS27 0BU

Hembrigg Park Zipline

A park centrally located in Morley that has seen recent regeneration as a result of the Morley town deal. The playground was replaced in 2023 so the equipment is practically brand new!

More about Hembrigg Park

The Playground

Hembrigg Park has received a significant sum of funding as part of the Morley town deal with a focus on improving play, health and recreational facilities in the park. A big chunk of this has gone on renewing the playground which now boasts a mixture of an open and closed play area – perfect for toddlers and children!

Play installations range from a zip-line to climbing frames with slides and climbing hoops. The brand new exercise trim trail around the park is a great add on to the park experience whatever age you are.

To top it off there is an art mural close by to the playground, celebrating the recent park regeneration. Art is welcomed as a playful expression in Hembrigg Park. Keep an eye out for family focused art events in the park!

And why not finish your visit to the playground with lunch on one of the picnic benches next to the playground. One of many great picnic spots in Leeds!

Meanwood Park copy-link-to-section

8 Tannery Square, Meanwood, LS6 4LT

Meanwood Park is a mixture of grassland and woodland. The Meanwood Beck runs alongside this beautiful green space. And the brand new renovated playground can be found at the entrance of the park.

More about Meanwood Park

The Playground

Through the efforts of 300-hours of collective volunteering, local residents raised over 100k to completely replace the playground in the summer of 2023. 

The new playground facilities are some of the more greener examples of playground regeneration in the city. A focus has been made on biodiversity with bug hotels and planting directly incorporated into the play area and equipment; making one of the parks with best playgrounds for toddlers

What’s more is the biodiversity element will be delivered as a programme of activities and sessions, facilitated by Leeds City Council Park Rangers. This will benefit not only the play of children and families in the area, but also the knowledge and understanding of biodiversity.

A big focus of the playground transformation has been to include more accessible play equipment for children with additional needs. A great example of this is the disability swing that uses swing harness adjustments to accommodate children with physical disabilities.

Merrion Gardens copy-link-to-section

53-50 Merrion St, LS2 8JE

Merrion Gardens Playground

Merrion Gardens is a secret playground escape in the heart of Leeds. It’s the only outdoor playground in the city centre.

More about Merrion Gardens

The Playground

Tucked away between St Johns shopping centre and St Johns Church, the playground is located amongst a mix of old and new architecture. This spot is perfect to have a detour or reset when out and about shopping with the kids. It breaks the day up and helps recharge the batteries!

Within the park grounds there are some eye-catching examples of guerrilla art on everyday things like the fencing, benches and bins. Merrion Gardens looks and is a playful little space.

The playground is suitable for toddlers upwards and has been created as a linear style of play – this might limit the playful curiosity of even a toddler, so don’t expect to be entertained for long here. Similar to an assault course, the playground takes the little ones from A to B across balance boards, steps and a wobbly bridge. The Merrion Gardens playground is more about testing the agility and balance of the child, and less about the usual swinging and climbing associated with other playgrounds in Leeds.

Middleton Park copy-link-to-section

Town St, Middleton, LS10 3SH

Middleton Park Playground

Middleton Park is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to playing and activities. The park competes with the likes of Roundhay, in comparison it is a less busy play destination and comes with a great range of free activities for children.

More about Middleton Park

The Playground

The playground in Middleton Park is located near the visitor centre on the edge of the lake; it has enough equipment to keep both a toddler and child entertained for a while. You can choose from swings (including the bucket kind), climbing frames and castles, and balance beams. 

Once you’ve exhausted the fun of the playground take a short walk over to the western side of the park to visit the biggest outdoor urban bike park in Leeds. The Leeds Urban Bike Park is a bike and BMX centre for all ages and abilities. You can hire a bike, get it repaired and receive some 121 coaching. Why not bring your own bikes and ride the trails for free after your visit to the playground. It’s an exciting finish to a free day out with children.

Moortown Park copy-link-to-section

Moortown Park, 25 Shadwell Ln, Moortown, LS17 6DP

Moortown Park is a childrens playground in Leeds that came to life in 2018 after fighting off building proposals to turn it into housing. The space offers an open outdoor play area that feels more countryside than city. 

More about Moortown Park

The Playground

Moortown Park has been designed with a wide age spectrum in mind. The equipment is entirely made of wood making it a sustainably designed playground in Leeds. It is laid out as an open plan playground; there is a large sand pit, 3-embankment slides, swings, monkey bars and spider nets sprawled across the park. This is arguably a contender for parks with best playgrounds in the city.

For the young’uns they can enjoy swings and animal climbing frames with a sandpit at the centre. The older ones have big swings, slides and even a trim trail to test the balance and coordination. An added bonus to your playground visit is the paved track that circles the park – whether the little ones are learning to ride or have mastered it, this route is a perfect place to finish your visit to Moortown Park playground with a roll or pedal. 

Woodhouse Moor copy-link-to-section

245 Hyde Park Rd, Woodhouse, LS6 1AG

Woodhouse Moor Play ground

Woodhouse Moor or ‘Hyde Park’ as it is commonly referred to holds the title as the first ever urban park in Leeds. This Victorian-era development had its playground completely re-done in 2023.

More about Woodhouse Moor

The Playground

Woodhouse Moor playground is located at the Hyde Park corner end of the park, next to the skatepark. The summer 2023 revamp replaced a range of worn out equipment with a mix of installations that are suitable for both toddlers and children.  

You can visit this bustling playground to clamber up and over the climbing frames, fly down the slides, spin around the roundabout or sway back and forth on the seesaws. And once you’re all played-out, why not head into town to check-out some of the best child friendly activities in the city.

Potternewton Park copy-link-to-section

Potternewton Park, Harehills Lane, LS7 4HA

Potternewton Park Playground

Potternewton Park is famous for hosting one of the longest running events – the West Indian carnival – in Europe! When the party isn’t getting started in summer, you can visit this beautiful green space for a play.

More about Potternewton Park

The Playground

The playground is located smack bang in the middle of the park next to the tennis courts and skatepark. It is a fenced off play area with equipment that appeals to a toddler all the way up to an older child.  

Play on the spider web climbing frame, swing laying down in the bucket, or zoom down the aerial zip wire. The bucket spinner in the sandpit area – which is great space for the little ones – makes for a brilliant cake mixing bowl! And after the fun you can unwind on the picnic bench or take it down a gear with a giant game of chess. 

In the daytime the skatepark can be relatively quiet at times. A visit here before or after the playground is a fun way to start or finish your trip to Potternewton Park playground.

Roundhay Park copy-link-to-section

Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Roundhay, LS8 2HH

Roundhay Park is one of the largest urban city parks in Europe. Within the 700 acres is the largest outdoors playground in Leeds.

More about Roundhay Park

The Playground

You’re spoilt for choice at Roundhay Park. There’s two playgrounds by Soldiers Field and Waterloo Lake. 

The Soldiers Field playground, located next to the skatepark off Princes Avenue, is an open area playground next to the wide expansive Soldiers Fields. Some of the standout equipment here is the giant slide and spider web climbing frame that will thrill even the older children; younger children will love the connected installations that are perfect for some joined up play. Many times we’ve made up games like escape the troll and jump on the castle frame to safety, before gliding down the slide and doing it all over again!  

Next to Waterloo Lake is the second playground which was opened in 2019. It has accessible play equipment and some of the spongiest play floor matting (for an outdoor playground!) in the city. The highlights here are the pirate ship and castle, a train, somersault bar and explorers bridge. A really nice touch is the painted on floor games that incorporate counting, movement and dance. 

Parents, be warned that an ice cream van is strategically parked next to the entrance of the park on sunny days!

Scatcherd Park copy-link-to-section

Queen’s Promenade, Morley, LS27 9JT

Scatcherd Park is a park located in the centre of Morley. It has a popular playground and skatepark; both get pretty busy on weekends and during the school holidays!

More about Scatcherd Park

The Playground

The playground can be found close to the skatepark; it includes all your family favourites such as swings, slides and climbing frames. For the older children we recommend taking on the challenge of climbing the huge spider web netting. All of the equipment is enclosed within the playground by a fence making it a safe space to play. This works well considering the park is a popular dog walker place. 

As an added activity you can take the little ones on the short trim trail, testing balance, coordination and strength, they can playfully test out the movements and motions of these popular machines!


Leeds has a real good mix of outdoor playgrounds that encourage children and young people to express their creativity, imagination and playful nature. If you’re after some more ideas checkout all of our play spaces across the city.

Author profile image of Ben Fraser
Ben Fraser

Ben is a big fan of the outdoors, whether it’s running through Leeds’ many parks or exploring them with his son. Working as a Development Officer for children and young people, he’s all about encouraging more movement and better well-being. He’s keen on discovering how the city’s green spaces can promote more play and activity for everyone. And he’s always on the lookout for the next best place for food and drink in Leeds!


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