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Large green grass field up to a tree on the left at Burley Park.

Burley Park

A green break from the busyness of the city. A Victorian era park great for picnics, running, and relaxing.

Large green grass field up to a tree on the left at Burley Park.

Located just a few minutes by train from the hustle and bustle of Leeds, Burley Park is a park from the Victorian era, complete with a grand entrance, a bandstand, and a bowling green. Today, the park is a popular spot for dog walkers and attracts people of all ages, as it was originally intended.

Location Details

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Take a look around

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Things to Note

Burley Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Burley Park runs alongside Cardigan Road and Burley Road. It’s “main” entrance, however, is situated on Cardigan Lane, overlooked by Winners’ Chapel, a former Methodist Sunday School and Church Hall.

It’s a relatively small park blessed with lots of mature trees, partly built on a hill, and provides a great cut through to various places because of its many entrances. Burley Bottom Park (Burley Village Green) is also very close and can be accessed via a passage off Cardigan Lane.

Things to Do

There is lots to do at Burley Park despite its size. It has a cricket pitch, bowling green, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor gym equipment, a mini football pitch, a children’s play area, and well-kept community gardens and orchards – you can come and pick your own fruit when in season!

You’ll often see groups of people relaxing in the summer in various sections of the park, enjoying the space with friends and a picnic, doing yoga, playing frisbee, or kicking a ball around. If you are into running, the 1km Burley Park Run Route can become a great part addition to a larger training circuit, or part of a couch to 5km training.

The park attracts many dog walkers as it’s one of the largest open spaces in the area with fairly enclosed entrances and exits and plenty of bins for dog waste. It’s also host to an organised weekly LGBT+ dog walk. The park is a good space for dogs with little legs to potter around on the lead, but there’s also enough space to play a bit of fetch!

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In 1899, Leeds Corporation purchased the 14.5 acres of land to provide recreational facilities for the ever increasing population around Burley and the park was originally constructed with a sandpit, play equipment, a cricket pitch, and bowling green. It was then opened to the public on 8th September 1900.


There are no toilet facilities at the park, but it is a short walk to Kirkstall road where there are a number of venues with toilets. There are plenty of bins on site for both general and dog waste.

While there’s no car park, there is plenty of on-street parking available on Cardigan Lane and Park View Road.

Food and Drink

The park is also lacking a café on its doorstep. However, it’s just a short walk to Kirkstall Road where you should check out Poco for some Italian coffee and Sicilian street food. Smak! is also a great choice if you are in the mood for some hearting Polish cuisine with a contemporary twist. Harpos Pizza and Amigo’s Mexican Food are two of the highest rated takeaways in the area. There are also various food options on Cardigan Road with the likes of Dukes Donuts & Coffee and Man v Roast.

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Burley Park is very accessible. With large paths, it is a great location for those with wheelchairs and pushchairs. The grassy areas are also well maintained, so should also be accessible when the weather is good.  Bikes are also allowed at Burley Park.

How to Get To Burley Park

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Train tracks from Burley Station (0.5 miles away) separate the park from Cardigan Road with multiple pedestrian bridges providing access. The closest bus stops to the park are Burley Road Cardigan Lane (49, 50, 50A) and Cardigan Road Harold Grove (19, 19A), just a few minutes walk away.

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