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Farnley Hall Park


Farnley Hall Park is a large wide open green space with a grandiose hall still standing as a reminder of its noble days.

Farnley Hall Park Woods

Farnley Hall Park is a super friendly green space for dog walkers and families. The park is distinctly marked by an old prestigious house and the remnants of a garden.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Farnley Hall Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Disabled Access
  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Farnley Hall Park is 16 hectares in size and located 4-miles west of Leeds city centre. The green space is part of the Green Gateways and West Leeds Country Park.

Things to Do

Here’s the top things to do at Farnley Park:

Farnley Hall

Farnley Hall is a 16th century build that isn’t in use but still stands in the park. The build was adapted in the 19th century with additions to  the gate posts and front of the house. It’s worth a look around from the outside even if you can’t get inside.

Dog Walking

The park has a path circuit that is about half a mile in length. It’s a perfect loop to take the dogs on a walk as it takes the entire park in.


The circular path route is a wide open path that’s ideal for a pacey stroll or a run. If you get too familiar with this route then you could always extend your walk or run into the woods which is located at the opposite end of the car park.


The playground is a recent addition to the park. The new equipment includes swings, slides, see-saws and a playframe that will keep the little ones entertained.

Take a look at our break down of the best playgrounds in Leeds.


On the wide open expanse of green grass there are a selection of cricket wickets for the public to use. One of these wickets are made from astro material which means it becomes playable by drying quicker.


The rugby pitch adjacent to the cricket wickets is a single sized adult rugby pitch that’s suitable for anything from a mess around to a full on game.


The green field space in Farnley Hall Park is a nice place to play football. Bring a ball along for a kick about when you visit.

Pond Dipping

In Farnley Park there is a pond that’s perfect for some dipping. Bring a tray and a net along with you and get dunking into the water. You’ll discover an array of plant-life that changes depending on what time of the year it is. Enjoy getting closer to nature with the little ones.


The park has a variety of flora that includes anything from interesting fungi to flower beds to mature trees like English Oak and Alder.

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SoundTrack Brass

Brass band favourites SoundTrack Brass are performing in the summer months at Farnley Hall. Their next gig is on Sunday 5 September from 2:30pm. This gig is part of the Bands in Leeds Parks series. It’s free admission with no ticket required.


Farnley Hall

Farnley Hall was built in 1586 by Sir Thomas Danby. Sir Thomas went on to become the High Sheriff of Yorkshire after marrying Lady Mary Neville and the Mayor of Leeds. The hall stayed in the Danby family until it was acquired by Leeds City Council in 1945. After the council got hold of it the grounds were turned into a park and the house became the headquarters of the parks and recreation team. It’s now sadly stands empty in state if disrepair.


There are rubbish and dog waste bins available in Farnley Park.

Unfortunately there are no public toilets for the park. The closest toilets are at the Nags Head, a bar around the corner.

Food and Drink


Farnley Hall Park is a lovely place to sit and have lunch. With the house in the background it makes for an eye catching spot to settle down with a picnic. Take a look at these other great places for a picnic in Leeds.

Food & Drink

Over to the east of New Farnley is The Butterbowl a pub that’s perfect for family gatherings or to simply have a quiet pint while watching some live sport. As it’s family run expect a warm welcome for families and dog owners. Further into the Whitehall industrial estate off the A58 is a surprisingly nice café called the Whitehall. It’s a top choice for hearty sized sandwiches served up by super friendly staff.


Farnley Hall Park has 15 dedicated parking spaces on site with ample space along the park’s boundary as an alternative during busy periods.

There is a short road of Hall Lane which has on-road parking. Google Map link.


The park is accessible to all and the footpaths are wide enough for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Some of the walking trails and paths can get very muddy in wet weather.

How to Get To Farnley Hall Park

Google Map Directions


A taxi from Leeds city centre to Farnley Park takes on average 15-minutes.


Bus number 15 goes direct to Farnley Park from City Square in Leeds. This journey will take around 40-minutes one way.

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