Farnley Hall Fish Pond

Farnley Hall Fish Pond

A small nature reserve perfect for a short walk. Perfect place to take the dog and enjoy nature’s fresh air.

Farnley Hall Fish Pond through the branches

Farnley Hall Fish Pond is part of the Farnley Hall Estate.

Dug in the 19th century and made a nature reserve in 2004 it is the smallest reserve owned by Leeds City Council. Providing a haven for local wildlife who find shelter amongst the woodland and in the pond.

Farnley Fish Pond is good choice for a short walk and fresh air.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond muddy path
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond through the branches
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond through the branches
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond muddy path
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond through the branches
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond
  • Farnley Hall Fish Pond sign

Things to Note

Farnley Hall Fish Pond has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets


Farnley Fish Pond is located 2 miles southwest of Leeds City Centre in the suburb of Farnley.

Things to Do

Walking at Farnley Hall Fish Pond

If you are looking for a short walk near you, Farnley Hall Fish Pond is a good choice. There is a small mature woodland surrounding the pond, teeming with wildlife.

The woodland features beech, sycamore, elm, hawthorn, ash and holly trees. Lying fallen amongst their comrades there are also dead trees, fallen timber and decomposing leaves. Look closely and you will see that these provide food and shelter for a range of creepy crawlies, moss and fungi.

Small mammals and birds scurry amongst the undergrowth. Lookout for the great spotted woodpecker!

Catch the reflections of the sun as they skim the water, watch the ducks and take a look beneath the pond’s surface. Can you see the water boatman, great diving beetle and water leeches?

Explore the nature reserve throughout the seasons. See the ducklings and hear the mating calls of the common frog and common toad in spring and watch the autumnal leaves glisten in the sun.

Swimming? Wouldn’t Risk It…

Despite being named Farnley Hall Fish Pond, fishing is unfortunately not permitted! And to be honest we are not sure it is so appealing a swim anyway!

Somewhere To Walk The Dog

The nature reserve is a great place to take the dog for a brisk stroll. It is advised that dogs are kept on a lead and away from the water’s edge and ground nesting birds.

Visit The Farnley Hall Estate

Farnley Hall Fish Pond is located within the Farnley Hall Estate which features a  Grade II listed stately home built in the Victorian era and is worth a visit.

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Farnley Hall Fish Pond was dug in the 19th Century after the Napoleonic wars. The pond provided construction work for soldiers returning from war who otherwise would have been unemployed. The pond was declared a local nature reserve in 2004.


There are no public toilet facilities on site at Farnley Hall Fish Pond. Toilets facilities are available at the nearby Farnley Hall.

Food and Drink

Our first suggestion would be to take a picnic with you on your stroll and stop for a bite to eat beneath the trees. However, sometimes that isn’t what is needed.

A short distance from Farnley Hall Fish Pond you will find the delightful The Beulah Bistro restaurant and shop. Serving up a selection of light bites and meals and vegetarian options, The Beulah is dog friendly and the perfect place to take your pooch after a stroll.

Fancy a little nibble to take home with you? How about stopping off at Frionor Fisheries for traditional fish and chips.


There is no car park at Farnley Fish Pond. On street parking can be found at the entrances on Hall Lane, postcode LS12 5EX (Google Map Link) and Butt Lane, postcode LS12 5BE (Google Map Link).


The main stepped entrance to the reserve can be found on Hall Lane.

For wheelchair users and those visiting with buggies you can access the reserve on the circular path surrounding the pond. The entrance to this can be found on Butt Lane. However the path is uneven, and in the wet is likely to be mostly unusable.

There is one area completely blocked by a fallen tree, so will be unable to be passed by a wheelchair or pushchair.

How to Get To Farnley Hall Fish Pond

Google Map Directions

Farnley fish pond can be accessed from the surrounding areas using bus routes 15, 254, 42 and 9. Plan your journey on the First Group website.

If visiting by car, follow roads B6154, A58 or A65 from Leeds City Centre.

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