Hembrigg Park Playground Leeds

Hembrigg Park

Local community park with two football pitches and a children’s playground.

Hembrigg Park Leeds

Hembrigg Park is small green space in Morley. Come for a kick around or to play in the playground.

Location Details

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Hembrigg Park is located in the southern end of Morley, a town 5-miles south-west of Leeds city centre. The word ‘Morley’ is from the old English meaning ‘open ground by a moor’.

Historically, Morley developed on a booming textile trade; it became famous for creating cloth that was worn by both the Union and Confederate sides.

Things to Do


The playground was replaced with brand new equipment in 2023. Play equipment include a roundabout, climbing frame, zipline and swings. There is an art mural close by to celebrate the recent park regeneration as part of the Morley new deal.

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Outdoor Gym

The outdoor gym was added in 2023 in response to consultation from the local community wanting this very thing to do. You can push, pull and lift using these outdoor gym machines. Much of this is based on calisthenics – a type of physical training that uses your own body weight.

Dog Walking

Open green space provides a perfect area to let your dog off the leash to run off some energy – before doing this just be mindful if people are playing sport – mainly football – in this space.


There are two adult full sized pitches at Hembrigg Park. Both have fixed goals.


Placed along the tarmac paths amongst the trees are several picnic benches perfect to settle down with friends or family for a picnic. The nearest supermarket is an Aldi off the roundabout on Chartists Way.

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Where Hembrigg Park sits was originally a quarry. This was filled in to allow the current park to come into existence.

Leeds City Council improvements to Hembrigg Park started in 2022 and are due to be completed by the summer of 2023. The developments will focus on play, health, and recreation.


The nearest public toilet is a 5-minute walk away at the Carrier Arms.

There are several bins throughout Hembrigg Park. Benches can be found along the tarmac path.

Food and Drink

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat we recommend a visit to Woodys Sandwich Shop – a 5-minute walk away on Bridge Street.

For something more substantial walk a minute or so further for a chippy tea at Tingley Bar Fisheries.


There is free parking on site at Hembrigg Park (Google Maps Directions). However, if this is too busy there is on-street parking on roads surrounding the park.


The majority of the park is connected by a tarmac path making it wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

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