Penny Pocket Park


Small green space perfect for taking a break away from the lively city centre.


Penny Pocket Park (also known as St John’s Park) is a small green space in the centre of Leeds.

It is a little piece of oasis, perfect to take a break from the high energy of Leeds city centre.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Penny Pocket Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Penny Pocket Park is located in the old town part of Leeds city centre near the Calls and River Aire.

Things to Do

Take a Break From the City

The park is quaintly laid out with winding paths and mature trees. It’s a little piece of greenery amid the concrete surroundings. Anyone working around the area, or passing through, can take a break in this small peaceful oasis.


With plenty of sun beaming down into the open green space and lots of benches to park up on, St John’s Park is a great picnic spot. And there’s a supermarket is next door to the park on York Street.


Can I skateboard here?

You’re not officially allowed to skateboard here but the park lends itself well for skating across the flat concrete…

Explore Leeds Minster

One of the most attractive examples of architecture in your immediate surroundings sits opposite the park. The famous Leeds Minster was completed in 1841. It is an example of stunning gothic architecture, and stands on the site of the oldest church in the city. During opening times you can wander over the church to explore its interior.

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Penny Pocket used to be a Graveyard

Penny Pocket Park sits on what was previously a grave yard. Walking around the park space you will notice the gravestones on the slants and slopes alongside the railway. On an evening the gravestones can create a bit of a spooky atmosphere.

If you’re easily scared of a graveyard then maybe avoid this one late at night.


There is plenty of bench seating for visitors to Penny Pocket Park park.

The nearest public toilet is over the way from the park at the Leeds Bus Station.

Food and Drink

Eat Your Greens is just around the corner from Penny Pocket Park on York Street. Tuck into some tasty vegan dishes, or choose from a small selection of meat and fish dishes too.


The nearest parking is paid at NCP Leeds The Markets, LS2 7EA (Google Map Directions) – check for the latest parking prices at the NCP.


Penny Pocket Park is full accessible to a wheelchair and pushchair user.

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