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Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens

  • Organic
  • Bar
  • European
  • British
  • Restaurant

Grocery store by day, restaurant by night. Organic, Local, Responsible.

Eat Your Greens

At Eat Your Greens, all dishes come vegan as standard, though meat and fish dishes are available, too.

Dishes include Salt & Pepper Kohlrabi: deep-fried veg with spicy Korean gochujangon a bed of pilau rice. A number of incredible meat dishes like of pan-fried wood pigeon and breaded organic chicken schnitzel make Eat Your Greens well worth the visit!

So what can you expect from Eat Your Greens? Firstly it’s a hybrid venue – and in more ways than one. It’s the best of Outlaws and the best of Grub & Grog, all mashed into one. A bright, airy space where the food is as good as anything you can get on the bar.



There are gluten free, vegan friendly, and vegetarian friendly food options available.

Delivery Options

Collection and delivery are available.

Note from Discover Leeds: Where possible we suggest contacting directly and/or collecting as third party delivery companies take a large cut.

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