Holbeck Park

Holbeck Moor Park

Holbeck Park is the closest recreational green space to the centre of Leeds. A perfect park to play sport in.

Holbeck Moor Park sign

Holbeck Park is a sport and recreation green space split in half by the M621. With intimate views over the hallowed turf of Elland Road you can feel the influence of the city’s sporting prowess here.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Holbeck Moor Park Basketball Court
  • Holbeck Moor Park underpass
  • Holbeck Moor Park
  • Holbeck Moor Park Playground
  • Holbeck Moor Park Skate Park
  • Holbeck Moor Park Skate Park

Things to Note

Holbeck Moor Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Disabled Access
  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins


Holbeck is located in the south west corner of inner city Leeds. Visually the area still has the distinctive feel and look of its industrial past.

The origins of the word ‘Holbeck’ come from the water source that ran into the River Aire. Both the Hol-Beck and Sheepscar Beck would deposit the silt created by the booming industrial community centuries ago. This is where the city of Leeds was born.

Things to Do

Here’s our top picks of things to do at Holbeck Park:

Dog Walking

Holbeck Park isn’t a big expanse that gives you a long distinctive walk but it’s a good place to do a few laps of the park with the dog. To compensate we recommend bringing a toy to tire them out that little bit more.


The playground comes with the best bits you’d expect. Enjoy a swing, slide, roundabout or seesaw with the little ones.


If you like shooting some hoops or scoring some goals then Holbeck Park has got you covered. This courts got good quality nets and a decent back board to play with. Perfect for football and basketball.


Towards the top end of the park is the skatepark. Officially opened as recent as 2012; the park comes with lots of varied ramps that are ideal for a skateboard, BMX or scooter.

Conker Battles

Holbeck Park is lined with some impressive horse chestnut trees. When these beauties ripen and start falling between August and October, its your chance to find some match winners. Pierce a hole and string up your Conker ready for a battle with a mate.

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Gazing out from Holbeck Park your struck by the redbrick terracotta architecture of the industrial old times. Back then it was all about working mills; round houses; and iconic builds like the Temple Works. Make sure you check out the latter it is a beautiful building influenced by Egyptian ingenuity.

A century ago the population of Holbeck was 20 times the size of what it is now. In that time frame huge areas have been vacated and knocked down to make way for regeneration projects. Holbeck Park and the surrounding area is a continuously changing landscape.


Holbeck Park has rubbish bins and dog waste bins. The nearest toilet is a 10-minute walk to the Elland Road McDonalds. But, we don’t eat at the golden arches, there’s much better choices below.

Food and Drink

To the north of the park is the Holbeck Working Mens Club. Apparently this establishment is the oldest of its kind in the UK. Owned by the members and managed by Slung Low. Get yourself here for a post-park bevy.

If some food is your calling then take advantage of the Holbeck Fisheries is smack bang in the middle of the park off Top Moor Side. This chippy is a fans favourite for many Leeds United fans on their way to a game. Grab a portion of crispy battered fish and golden brown chips and walk, talk and eat your way through the park.


Park for free on the residential street of Holbeck Moor Road. (Google Map Directions)


Holbeck Park is accessible by wheelchair and pushchair.

How to Get To Holbeck Moor Park

Google Map Directions

The quickest way to get to Holbeck Park from Leeds city centre is by taxi. It will take you no more than 10-minutes one way. If the bus is your preferred option then you can hop on either the 55 or 75. Both of these pass by the edge of Holbeck Park.

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