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Cross Flats Parl

Cross Flatts Park

A well kept and friendly park that delivers lots of recreational activities and events for the people of Leeds

Cross Flats Parl

Originally owned by Kirkstall Abbey and then bought by Leeds City Council in 1891, Cross Flatts park is the beating heart of the community. It is a place people can find enjoyment and relax. A vital resource for those that don’t have their own green space.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Cross Flatts Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Accessible Toilets
  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Cross Flatts Park covers an area of 44 acres in the heart of Beeston, a suburb south of the city centre. The park is in a elongated fashion, and sits between Beeston Road and Dewsbury Road – two of the busiest routes into Leeds city. Cross Flatts is a traditionally urban park that’s been created to provide the local community with recreational enjoyment and respite.

Things to Do

Looking to Volunteer?

The friends of group are the volunteer life and soul of the park. Working with Leeds City Council the group invest their time in keeping the space maintained, tidy and clean and this makes every park users experience so much better. It’s a great place to build relationships; complete practical work; fundraise; host events and generally promote the green space. Sign-up to volunteer with Friends of Cross Flatts Park.

Running at Cross Flats

Cross Flatts Park is great if you are looking for a place to run near you. The circular route around the park is 1.2 miles long. This can be added onto a run of the area, or time your loops for training. Take a look at the Cross Flatts running route on Leeds Run Routes.

For those people less inclined to take part in competitive sport then parkrun may be what you’re looking for. This weekly event has revolutionised people’s approach to taking up running. And this supportive environment encourages both walking and running and is the ideal place to cultivate a new exercise habit. You can join the event for free every Saturday from 9am at Cross Flatts parkrun (and if you are interested, this is the Cross Flatts Parkrun Route).


Cross Flatts is home to a wide variety of zones dedicated to sport and physical activity; you can play tennis, football, basketball, cricket and bowls at anytime. Usage is done on a community share basis. And this simply means you can turn up and play if it’s free.

There’s something for everyone at Cross Flatts, including the little ones. If you have kids that love to move to some music then local dance provider DAZL offer a monthly street dance class for children and young people. Why not drop off the kids and at the same time hit the park’s exercise trail for a solo workout.

Children’s Play Area

The park boasts a large play area for young people and a smaller one for the babies and toddlers. These areas include your staple play equipment including a slide and seesaw for the little ones and a large climbing frame for the older ones.

Walk Around the Gardens

Dotted around the park are beautiful green spaces that people using the park can help grow and maintain. One group that love to grow are Beeston in Bloom. Their mission is to make the area look more attractive using the beauty of flowers.

Beeston in Bloom have also helped with special garden spots in Cross Flatts like the Millennium Garden and the Community Orchard. These spots are little places of respite for park users to enjoy. If you want to get involved in the planting and pruning you can join the Beeston in Bloom team.

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Way back in the medieval period, Beeston was predominantly pastures for sheep farming, tended to by the monks of Kirkstall Abbey. As the area became a settlement of people and housing built by the state, the local council bought the land we now know as Cross Flatts Park for a bargain deal of £12,000 – this was grandiosely opened to the public in 1891.

Cross Flatts was written into the history books during the Second World War for one of the worst aerial bombardments the city witnessed throughout the war. Beeston received the biggest payload of German TNT and most of it landed on the park. Some of that shrapnel is still embedded in the ground!

These days the park is a much safer place for the people of Beeston. The famous Watsonian Pavillion – that includes the Bridge Café – is the latest version of what was the Victorians love of bandstand music. Musical notes can still be heard ringing out on a summer day.


Accessible toilets are located in the café, open daily in the Watsonian Pavillion. Any dog walkers using the park can make the most of the patches of green spaces in-between the activity stations which are dotted throughout the park. Rubbish and dog waste bins are available along the paved walking routes.

Food and Drink

A great place to get some food and drink before or after your visit to Cross Flatts Park is the Dolce Vita Craft and Kitchen.  It’s a family feel run café that goes beyond your usual greasy spoon grub. The food is fresh and the menu expansive. For every classic dish is one with a little more of a gourmet edge. The café is a 10-minute walk from the park.


There is no dedicated parking for Cross Flatts Park. However, due to the park sitting in the centre of a residential community, there are plenty of side streets to park on. We recommend:

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The park paths are accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users and are well maintained. Yet, the park is on a hill which can make it a challenging climb at points. The toilet in the Watsonian Pavillion has been designed as an accessible toilet through the recent refurbishment and upgrades. And the park is on multiple public transport routes – off Beeston Road and Dewsbury Road – with First Bus Leeds catering for bicycles, mobility scooters, and wheelchair access.

How to Get To Cross Flatts Park

Google Map Directions

The Leeds First Buses 1, 2, 3A, 75, 86 from the city centre and the city suburbs past near or close to Cross Flatts Park. Use the First Buses journey planner to plan your route to Cross Flatts Park. A taxi ride from Leeds City Centre will take you just over 10-minutes one way.

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