Holbeck Park

Holbeck Park


A small park next to Elland Road football stadium. Get inspired and play some footie with the stadium in earshot!

Holbeck Park Leeds

Holbeck Park is memorable for the beautiful views it has over Leeds. The green space also comes with enough things to do to keep you occupied whether visiting solo or with the family.

Location Details

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  • Holbeck Park
  • Holbeck Park Hill
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Things to Note

Holbeck Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Holbeck Park is directly south of the city centre of Leeds. It’s one of the closest residential suburbs to the centre of Leeds. It meets and connects with Holbeck Cemetery at the top of the Beggars Hill.

Things to Do

Here’s the best things to do at Holbeck Park:

Dog Walking

Admittedly the park isn’t huge which means you’ve got to get creative to keep it interesting. We recommend you turn the park into a bit of a dog walking course. Use the flats and lengths of the football pitch for some throw and retrieve. Take the pooch to the stairs for some hill climbs on the leash.

Stair Running

Holbeck Park has a set of 20 or more solid steps that are nice and large. For those that like exercising outside these make an ideal set of running stairs. Not only is it good for your knees it also gives the bum and legs a proper workout!


The playground is down the hill at the bottom end of the park. You’ve got plenty of fun to be had on the swings, slide and our favourite – the spinner!


On the flat side of the park is a set of fixed goal posts with markings big enough for an adult sized game of footie. Ideal to pop down with your friends or family for a big game. With Elland Road in the background it’s a fitting setting to get inspired kicking a ball around.

Ball Games

With the open grassy – and cut – field space comes the opportunity for lots of different team games. Aside from football you can get a decent game of rugby or cricket going. Or even bring out the rackets for a game of badminton or rounders.


Like the neighbouring Holbeck Moor Park  there’s lots of Conker trees in this green space. Around September and October is the time to go collecting the best ones that fall. Keep hold of your favourite ones or string them up and battle with a mate. It’s old school fun!

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The Hol beck name comes from beck that trickles its way through the area. The water source feeds the River Aire. During the peak of the industrial revolution the beck supported the factory mechanisation; keeping the cogs of industry turning.


The nearest toilet is a couple of minutes down the road at Elland Road McDonalds.

Food and Drink


With views as expansive and captivating as the ones at the top of Beggars Hill we can’t recommend enough taking a blanket and a picnic to Holbeck Park.

Food & Drink

For some classic fish and chips head to Park Fisheries at the bottom end of the park. The chippy tea meals are tasty and quality. Rest assured that each time you walk in you’ll receive a warm welcome from owners Simon and Gail. With a request on your fry preference – cooked to order from fresh!

At the top end of the park next to Elland Road is the famous Old Peacock – it’s a proper alehouse that attracts a lot of Leeds fans on a home matchday. If you visit when there’s no football on you can enjoy some of the food or even a pub quiz without all the football noise.


Park for free on the residential road of Malvern Street, postcode: LS11 8SQ  (Google Map Directions).


Accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs from the bottom end of the park. The top end next to the cemetery is only accessible over 20 steps.

How to Get To Holbeck Park

Google Map Directions


Number 1 bus from the city centre takes you 20-minutes to get to the bottom end of Holbeck Park off Beeston Road.


A taxi is your quickest option and will take you no more than 10-minutes from the centre of Leeds.

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