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We’ve done our research on some of the best dates in the city. From speakeasy jazz to cute piglets here’s where you can get loved up in Leeds in 2024. This should also help out if you are also looking for things to do in Leeds as a couple!

Listen to live Jazz at the Domino Club  copy-link-to-section

Jazz at Domino Club date idea

7 Grand Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6PG

More about Domino Club

The Domino Club is a prohibition style speakeasy. Hidden below a barber shop in the Grand Arcade, this basement club comes up trumps with some premium jazz line-ups showcasing local to international talent. 

Unsurprisingly you can expect to listen to jazz; dance to jazz; drink classy cocktails with a jazzy soundtrack… you get the picture. What’s more if you want a date that really loosens things up then you’ve come to the right place. The smooth jazz chords of the band and a powerful vocal blend perfectly for that truly sensual moment. 

The Domino Club isn’t an exclusive experience. Anyone is welcome to wander in through the barber shop and head down through the hatch. And the dance floor crowd can be pretty diverse, and if anything a little older in comparison to other ‘clubs’ in Leeds. To keep you hydrated Domino Club offers an extensive range of beer and cocktails. The mixologists behind the bar take their job very seriously. Pick from a selection of timeless cocktails to some cheeky re-works.

Walk at Temple Newsam copy-link-to-section

Temple Newsam Data Idea Leeds

Temple Newsam Road, Leeds, LS15 OAE

A combination of outstanding architecture and visually stunning grounds surrounding the manor house, farm lakes and gardens make Temple Newsam a romantic hot spot for a walking date. 

The history runs deep at Temple Newsam. The estate is shrouded in mystery, love, peace and war. Which is probably the journey you’re about to embark on with your beloved strolling next to you. If the  ambience of the walk doesn’t do it then consider the more structured activities that include dancing, planting things, or even mucking out the farm pig pen. 

When it comes to visitors Temple Newsam pulls in people from all over Leeds. It’s in the top 10 of places to visit on Trip Advisor. And the estate comes catered for with its own tea room that rustles up a selection of cakes, sandwiches and soft drinks.

Compete in a virtual reality game copy-link-to-section

Play Playground Leeds VR Date Idea

Falcon House, Walter Street, LS4 2BB

The new to Leeds Park Playground is the perfect place for an action packed date (or double date). You don’t have to be an avid gamer, and your date doesn’t need to be an VR headset owner. Just turn up you will be introduced to a whole new world. Nothing like a VR date night in Leeds!

Every session is split into two half an hour sessions. The first session takes you through the motions – challenges like walking the plank at the top of a sky-scraper, and mini games like boxing and archery. Once you have the hang of that the team moves you onto your selected game. Is your date into horror? They have a scream-o-meter. The person who screams the least wins. Maybe you fancy yourselves as protectors of Earth – fighting off aliens in Mission Planet X.

Looking to make it a thing? Grab some food and drinks as well. There is a Play and Lunch package which gives you 60 minutes of VR with a choice of food – think burgers/sandwiches etc. There is also the Play Eat and Drink package which adds on two hours of selected drinks at the open bar, including soft drinks, beer and wines.

If you are looking for an exciting date that hasn’t been done before. This could be it…

Tee off together at Junkyard Golf Club copy-link-to-section

Date Night in Leeds at Junkyard Golf

The Light the Headrow, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL

Junkyard Golf Club is a larger than life crazy golf course that takes this traditionally boujee sport and flips it on its head with loud visuals and colourful cocktails (beers, mocktails and soft drinks can also be purchased!). 

Like the benefits you get from walking and talking, strolling and swinging a club on a first date can be a good way of relaxing the nerves. And for those that like a bit of friendly competition, there’s always the chance of a hole in one! Its a great place to go for a fun date in Leeds. 

For less than £10 per person you can enjoy three rounds of crazy golf. Each round is a themed course named after a man!?… Pablo – Gary – Bozo. Don’t ask why but these three will bring tropical terrors, disco balls and circus freaks to the date. 

If you love things loud and flashy, you’re in the right place. For those that find flashing lights, UV lights, and loud music too much then this probably isn’t the date for you.

Go Karting copy-link-to-section

Date idea in Leeds go karting

Accommodation Rd, Leeds LS10 1NQ

Putting your pedal to the metal and racing around a windy track is one way of getting a hit of unadulterated joy with your date. What makes this a strong contender is the company TeamSport – these guys are rated as one of the best indoor karting outfits in the UK! Certainly a fun date idea!

Go Karting comes with the choice of unlimited, timed or lapped races. You’ll be kitted out with a 270cc cart on 580 meters of straights, bends, bridges and tunnels that’s guaranteed to thrill – it’s the biggest indoor course in Yorkshire! A great one to put on the list for couples activities in Leeds!

Before planning this date it’s worth considering what people TeamSport Go Karting allow to ride. There’s age, height and accessibility limitations, so make sure you read up on whether you’re eligible before you book. Brace yourself to splash around £40 per person for 30-45 minutes of karting. Drinks and food are served at a modest range and price too.

Arcade Club in Kirkstall copy-link-to-section

Game Arcade date night Leeds

Abbey Retail Park, Savins Mill Way, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3RP

There’s some high value date novelty to a visit to Arcade Club in Kirkstall, the only place of its kind in Leeds. You’ll get the chance to play video games from the 80s, 90s and noughties that are packed with some old school cultural references. This date is primed for reminiscing good times and having some fun while at it. Get ready for a slew of arcade machines, pinball and modern games!

For £16 per person entry you can access all the games with unlimited plays. Take note that a Friday evening is strictly adults only which might give the atmosphere of your date an edge. And if you get peckish you can pick from the “sensibly priced menu” that includes pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and nachos.

Enjoy a Picnic copy-link-to-section

Date Idea in Leeds Picnic

Find places for a picnic in Leeds

Sometimes the best ideas are the most original ones. Taking it back to basics and planning a proper picnic can be an endearing act of love whatever date number you’re on. But, by proper picnic we don’t mean a Tesco meal deal! We are talking about romantic things to do in Leeds now!

Start by selecting one of the many beautiful green spaces in Leeds from Discover Leeds outdoors section. Once the location is sorted – think sight and sound! – you can let loose with the real creativity. A superior picnic will come with a mixture of bought and homemade snacks and beverages; if you’re going to show care, effort and consideration trust this combination.

Pairing this with a good spot to watch the sunset could also be a winner.

Check-in with your date beforehand to find out if they have any allergies or preferences when it comes to eating and drinking.

Finish with a super comfy seating area: blankets, pillows and general tactile textiles are all inhibitors for that romantic cuddle puddle.

Why not take a look at our Best Places for a Picnic in Leeds article for some inspiration.

Tuft some Rugs  copy-link-to-section

Huffletuft Tufting Studio Date Leeds

Leeds Tufting Studio, Open Source Arts, Aire Place Mills, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds LS3 1JL

Huffletuft classes

A Leeds-based studio has been offering the chance to try out rug tufting workshops. Tufting is a highly versatile art; one which you can make a wide variety of items, from small accessories to large decorative pieces. As dates go it can be very fun, therapeutic and a great stress reliever – ideal if you find dating a little nervy!  

The best part of picking a Huffletuft class for your date is you get to take home your own handmade rug at the end! Or for those couples that know each other a little better, you could make something for each other. 

Try a Salsa class @ Salsa Rocks copy-link-to-section

Data night salsa dancing in Leeds

Kerala Restaurant, 2 Eastgate, Leeds LS2 7JL

Salsa is a plural type of music and dance bringing a range of styles to the floor. The rhythms of Latin jazz, mambo, romantica, and dura are just some of what you’ll hear and move to at Salsa Rocks. Certainly a romantic date idea!

Unless you or your date already dance, a class like Salsa can act as a level playing field to learn something new together in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. As the old couple trope goes… “those that [insert some positive activity here] together, stay together.”

Salsa Rocks caters for ‘absolute beginners’ to ‘intermediate dancers’. So don’t worry if you’re not the most coordinated – this ones just for you! After the class the lights come down and the music is cranked up. This gives the date a nice social twist after the intensity of practicing. Soak up the atmosphere and best of all put those new moves into practice on the dancefloor. We doubt you’re going to sup much with all the salsa steps you’ll be doing, but it’s worth knowing that the venue has a bar.

Tropical World copy-link-to-section

Tropical World Leeds date idea

Princes Ave, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2ER

Tropical World is a series of greenhouses filled with the UK’s largest tropical plant and animal collection outside of Kew Garden in London. A date to Tropical World opens up with the beauty of the butterfly house. If your date is partial to cute animals – meerkats anyone? – then a visit here is a no brainer. 

Beyond the butterflies and meerkats there are monkeys and snakes, and a whole host of sea creatures to explore. Tropical World is a versatile all rounder that caters for all ages. And after working up a thirst (be warned it’s pretty hot in the greenhouses!) you can finish the date in the café and gardens for something to drink and eat. 

Gig at Brudenell copy-link-to-section

Date idea leeds Brudenell Social Club

33 Queen’s Rd, Burley, Leeds LS6 1NY

Originally formed as a social and recreational club over 100-years ago; the Brudenell has evolved into a primary cog in Leeds music scene, and is a destination for live grassroots indie music. This lively and fun loving venue is the perfect date for any music fan!  

The old working men’s club – distinctly adorned with 1950s décor – hosts up and coming (and huge) bands. As a venue the Brudenell comes well established with a bar, community room, and gig space. This gives you a bit of choice on your date to both enjoy the music and get to know each other over a drink.  One of the best first date ideas (we believe!).

The space welcomes deaf and disabled customers to the venue with both the student and the ‘locals’ making a home here. Alongside the strapline of ‘beer – music – crisps – fun’ you can also sink your teeth into an award winning pie – how romantic!

Swing from the trees at Go Ape! copy-link-to-section

Leeds date idea Go Ape adventure

Temple Newsam, Leeds LS15 0AD 

Go Ape is a unique adventure-activity hidden in the canopy of Temple Newsam. For a date Go Ape can be a bit of a curveball; everyone will experience it differently but we’re confident that the feelings this activity will emote can pivot between the exhilarating and the damn right nerve racking. It’s fair to say that if this date is a surprise you’re framing it as a bit of a trust builder.      

At Go Ape you will have the choice to choose from two different course challenges. The ‘Tree Top’ challenge course is the most popular; expect tree-to-tree zips 17 metres high and a free-falling plummet of 13-metres. Or take it up a level and conquer the ‘Challenge Plus’ which is a dialled up version of the treetop – get ready for challenges like Mind The Gap, Wrecking Balls and Hanging Anchor. 

Go Ape caters for anyone over the height of 1.2 metres that’s willing to swing through the trees. 

It’s going to cost around £30-40 per person depending on what challenge and course you want to take your date on. We also recommend making a plan (if you want) for some food and drink after; checkout Discover Leeds for some local recommendations.

Watch a show at the Grand Theatre copy-link-to-section

Grand Theatre date idea in Leeds

46 New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NU

A date to the theatre is one of the higher brow selections in our date selections. Like most things it’s all about knowing your audience. If you think your date will appreciate a cultural trip into a world of Victorian opulence, influenced by Romanesque and Scottish Baronial styles, then do it! Or, a trip to Odeon to catch a film and inhale a skip of popcorn could very well be a winner…    

The Grand Theatre seats approximately 1,500 people. In the 1900s it was created as an art space for the upper classes. The theatre is said to have been born from a comment made by Prince Albert about Leeds needing a good theatre to raise its cultural capital. Jump to what’s on at the Grand Theatre and you’ll appreciate the listings are now more reflective of a diverse audience. Catch anything from musicals to psychological illusionists.   

The Grand Theatre comes with a well stocked bar serving beer, spirits, wine and soft drinks including tea and coffee. For food we recommend checking out the cafes and restaurants close by.

Explore Kirkstall Abbey copy-link-to-section

Date idea leeds Kirkstall Abbey

Abbey Rd, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3EH

Kirkstall Abbey is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Leeds. Uncover the history of the best preserved medieval Cistercian abbey in Britain. No where else can you appreciate the beauty of the iconic ruins in award winning grounds. 

Exploring the history of Kirkstall Abbey isn’t the only thing you can do with your date. With the beauty and grace of the River Aire as a backdrop, Kirkstall Abbey makes for a great place to take a walk or have a picnic. Alongside this the Abbey has a variety of workshops, events – like Sneaky Experience open-air cinema – talks and activities run throughout the year.

Axe Throwing at Timberjacks copy-link-to-section

Axe Throwing Date idea Leeds

Burley Hill Trading Estate, Unit B2, Flexspace, Leeds LS4 2PU

TimberJacks axe throwing is one of the oldest lumberjack sports in the world. And it’s up there when it comes to popular outdoor activities in Leeds. What’s more is it’s not only a decent date night but more of a couples therapy session – you might want to save this one for further down the line when you need to work through some “stuff” together.  

Choose from a selection of three axe throwing games: smashing apples, target posters and axe roulette. The thought of splitting an apple in half with an axe is really satisfying. For between £20-30 per person you can throw axes to your hearts content. Bear in mind there is no food and drink at TimberJacks. Checkout Discover Leeds for the best food and drink in the local area.

Pixel Bar copy-link-to-section

Pixel Bar Leeds Date Idea

25 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3AL 

As ice-breakers go you can’t go wrong with a couple of games and 2-4-1 cocktails! With its neon-lit bar and funky cocktail menu the Pixel Bar is a picture perfect first date destination. 

For around £8 an hour you can jump on the latest consoles and gaming PCs, enjoying classics like Halo, Fifa, Tekken and Mario Kart. It’s recommended you book your own private couples booth in advance to avoid disappointment! 

Food is served by the partners over at Almost Famous. Get ready for some cheesy pop culture references across the menu. Our favourites were the Pokémon themed cocktails!

Couples Massage at Rosa Thai copy-link-to-section

Couples massage at Rosa Thai date idea

164 Kirkstall Hill, Kirkstall, Leeds LS4 2SX

Forget the Swedish when it comes to a couples massage at Rosa Thai. They have developed their own style of deep tissue hot oil massage. And all of the therapists are trained to the highest standards.

Traditional Thai Massage is often referred to as Thai Yoga Massage. What’s unique about this type of massage is the focus on bodywork – it is a healing art of Theraveda Buddhist medicine. Rosa uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create a dance of movement on the body. The perfect place for a sensual massage in Leeds!

Before you and your date begin a therapist will always enquire about your existing health and medical conditions. Rosa Thai has successfully treated people for a variety of ailments. A massage will set you back around £50 per person for 1-hours worth of treatment.

Roxy Ballroom Leeds  copy-link-to-section

Roxy Ballroom games date idea leeds

58 Boar Ln, Leeds LS1 6HW

Roxy Ballroom in Leeds is one of the best places to play cue and target sports while having a drink. Roxy has three venues in the city centre at the Light, Merrion Street & Boar Lane so you’re not short on space. Depending on what Roxy you visit you can play: ten pin bowling, curling, American pool, shuffleboard, beer pong or crazy golf. 

As dates go, a trip to Roxy Ballroom caters for those that enjoy turning a drinking session into a game, or a game into a drinking session. Either way it’s probably going to be a messy date. There’s always inhouse pizza to soak up the cocktails! 

Jack Rabbit Pottery Painting Date copy-link-to-section

Paint Pottery date night leeds

633A Roundhay Rd, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 4BA

Jack Rabbit Pottery Paint is a lovely way to spend a couple of creative hours with your date. Pick from a range of mugs, plates, jugs, pots, vases, piggy banks, animals, plaques, baubles, coasters – there’s a mammoth 130 pottery pieces to choose from! The cost varies from £7-44 depending on the piece you or your date pick.  

Once you’ve got your piece of pottery you will be given the tools and paints to create a unique painting design. At the end a member of the Jack Rabbit team will glaze and fire your piece before popping it into the kiln. The finished article is a personalised piece of pottery for keepsake… this ones got anniversary written all over it!

Drinking copious amounts of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milkshake while stuffing your faces full of homemade cake is also encouraged while you get your paint on.

Breakfast Date at Bab Tooma copy-link-to-section

Breakfast date at Bab Tooma leeds

496 Roundhay Rd, Roundhay, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2HU

When it comes to breakfast and brunch Bab Tooma has an authentic Syrian breakfast that’s made for a date. The atmosphere sets this one nicely with a mind blowingly beautiful Middle Eastern feel that’s really made by the décor and music. Certainly a bit different if you were looking for a date night. What about a date morning! Still a romantic date idea!

The breakfast comes set out as a sharing platter of street food sized bites. Highlights are the aubergine, falafel and freshly made flatbreads; washed down with an Arabic style coffee or mint tea. It’s perfect for those couples seeking a really tasty and unique vegetarian breakfast.

LS-TEN Skating copy-link-to-section

Skating or rollerblade in Leeds date idea

Unit 1 Kitson Rd, Leeds LS10 1NT

LS-TEN is an inclusive hub for any couples wanting to give skating a go, whether that’s on two, three or four wheels. Regardless of your ability or experience levels you can set-up an active date for a free role, 121 or ramp skating session. 

At LS-TEN they pride themselves on being more than a skatepark, it’s a community of people who all have a mutual interest in rolling. When setting this one up with your date, keep in mind that there is no food or drink available at LS-TEN, but the city centre is a 5-minute ride away. 

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm copy-link-to-section

Date idea at Meanwood Valley farm leeds

Sugar Well Rd, Meanwood, Leeds LS7 2QG

What Meanwood Valley Urban Farm does best is reconnect the people of Leeds to an agricultural environment. At a time when the planet is dangerously heating up a visit to a place like MVUF is a positive snapshot of how things could be. The farm comes with animals, gardens, and flourishing woodland. 

The stars of the show are the llamas and pigs – both rare breeds – that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And lets face it if your date enjoys this date they’re probably not afraid to put some roots down! You can finish with a speciality coffee and light bites at the Barn Coffee Shop.

Author profile image of Ben Fraser
Ben Fraser

Ben is a big fan of the outdoors, whether it’s running through Leeds’ many parks or exploring them with his son. Working as a Development Officer for children and young people, he’s all about encouraging more movement and better well-being. He’s keen on discovering how the city’s green spaces can promote more play and activity for everyone. And he’s always on the lookout for the next best place for food and drink in Leeds!


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