Guru Nanak Woodlands

Guru Nanak Woodlands


Brand new woodland planted in celebration of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.

Guru Nanak Woodlands

The Guru Nanak Woodland was planted by a group of Sikh volunteers in November 2020. This act was done as a celebration of the Sikh god message of humanity and oneness.

The woodlands project has united people locally and continues to do this by opening up a new green space for people to enjoy together.

Location Details

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  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands
  • Guru Nanak Woodlands

Things to Note

Guru Nanak Woodlands has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets


Guru Nanak Woodlands is located next to Carr Manor Community School in Meanwood, a former village and now suburb of north-west Leeds.

Things to Do


The 550 trees planted include goat willow, oak, black adler, hawthorn, common hornbeam, silver birch. As years pass this new woodland will become a good place to go tree-spotting.


Guru Nanak Woodland is a great place to get some fresh air and take a walk. As the trees grow the woodland will become even more inviting to walk in.

There are lots of places close by to extend your walk close by including the Ridge Plantation which is a short walk over the road.

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Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism and promoted the universal message of One Creator (Ik Onkar) and equality. The woodlands is a place for communities to get together and enjoy their natural surrounding.

The 550 trees were planted during a ‘Bring a Spade’ day where supporters came and helped with the planting.


The nearest toilet is at the Beck and Call pub on Stainbeck Road.

Food and Drink

Talk of the Town Fisheries is a traditional fish and chip shop located a short distance away on Stainbeck Road.

Head here for a classic fish and chip tea fried in beef dripping.


There is a small parking layby on the main road near the woodlands. Up to 3-cars can park here. Head to LS6 4PQ (Google Map Directions)


The best entry point to Guru Nanak Woodlands is the paved access path to the Carr Manor Fields Playground on the B6157. You will need to walk across Carr Manor Playing fields to get to the Guru Nanak Woodlands.

The accessibility to the woodlands are not suitable for wheelchair and pushchair users due to the ground being uneven and muddy in wet weather.

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