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Gledhow Valley Woods path along the hill in Autumn

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Leeds is one of the greenest cities in the UK. And if like us, you kick start your day with a stroll outdoors, then you’ll love some of our best places to go for a morning walk. Seize the day and take advantage of the lighter mornings with our picks of morning walks in Leeds.

Gledhow Valley Woods copy-link-to-section

Gledhow Valley Woods is an island sanctuary in the suburban hustle of the Chapel Allerton district. Nestled between different blocks of  housing this green space is home to ancient woodland and grassland. Gledhow Valley Woods is the ideal walk near you if you live in the popular Chapel Allerton area. 

The trail runs alongside Gledhow Valley Road and is deceiving in the sense it brings you close to the humdrum of a road before disappearing into the depths of the woodland. Adjacent to this is the Gledhow Beck that trickles its way into Gledhow Lake. A perfect arrival for a walk with the kids that finishes with a duck feeding frenzy.

We love walking here in the morning because Gledhow Valley Woods provides the walker a place that both feels close to home and completely lost at the same time. Starting by the road and trudging up the hills into the denser woodland you’ll be sure to get this feel. 

One of our favourite places to chill out with a drink and some breakfast after a stroll is the slick House of Koko

Scotland Wood  copy-link-to-section

Scotland Wood looking down to Meanwood Beck

If you’re looking for a peaceful walk in the morning then look no further than Scotland Wood in Adel. The wood holds the memories and secrets of the industrial boom in a bygone era of Leeds. And this makes your morning walk a visually stimulating one. 

On your walk through the heavily wooded areas will appear the remains of a flax mill served by the Seven Arches of the Roman-esque aqueduct. And keep a look out for the Slabbering Baby – a frequented watering hole for walkers making their journey through the wood. 

If you want a walk that escapes the city but keeps you on your toes then this is the one to pick.

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Post Hill copy-link-to-section

The beck alongside path at Pudsey Post Hill

Caught up in that dilemma of where to go for a morning walk in Leeds? We’ve got you covered for your next sunrise adventure. Post Hill nature trail in Pudsey is the perfect beginning to a day of challenge and reward. The super steep inclines and the diverse landscape from close and afar make the challenging climbs well worthwhile.

Sit atop the hill and saviour the views across West Leeds, and if you’re lucky with the backdrop of a stunning sunrise – a perfect start to your day! And one your heart will thank you for later. That’s if you don’t finish the walk with a trifling breakfast at Olde Booths Tea Room

Bramley Fall Park  copy-link-to-section

Bramley Fall Park is a woodland walk that we rate highly. If you’re looking for a bit of escapism then you’ve come to the right place. The terrain never falls into a predictable pattern. Mounds; rockery; ancient trees; waterways; and a railway will make your walk a curious and intriguing one.

Easily located off the inner ring of West Leeds, this historical woodland has made a site away from the suburban sprawl of Bramley. We love this woodland walk because it has so much to offer depending on what mood your in. In a place of solitude?.. lose yourself in the woodland. Fancy a catch-up over some exercise?..  invite a mate along to take on the best public outdoor gym in the city. 

Head over here for our full guide on Bramley Fall Park.

Nan Whins Wood copy-link-to-section

Footpath through Nan Whins Wood

This spooky sounding wood isn’t from elsewhere, it’s very much a Leeds one. Over the centuries this place seen its fair share of struggle and strife. Centuries ago it was the epicentre of  a planned uprising to topple the return to monarchy.  Nowadays you’re more likely to see a walker or cyclist cruising the recently remodelled paths than a 16 century revolutionary.  

Nan Whins Wood is a great place to enjoy a morning walk because it caters for someone that has a little or a lot of time. For those grabbing 30-minutes before the workday you can take the circular loop around the woods. If you’ve got more time to kill then take it further with the out and back route towards Tong. 

We’ve got plenty more reasons to visit Nan Whins Wood.

Wyke Beck Valley Way  copy-link-to-section

The Wyke Beck Valley Way is the gateway to two of the best days out – Roundhay Park & Temple Newsam – in the city.  As a morning walk near you goes this ones pretty special. The way passes through 5 local nature reserves in the space of 6 miles. Each reserve presents something beautiful and unique of the city’s greenspace, including another morning favourite – Primrose Valley. 

If after a six mile trek you’re ready for a refuel, head to the Roundhay Fox for a bit of brunch or lunch. 

Primrose Valley  copy-link-to-section

Primrose Valley is one of the best nice walks near you if you’re over in the east side of Leeds. A part of the Wyke Beck way this spot is a place unto itself. And if you fancy something a little more personal, Primrose is a great escape from the crowds of Roundhay Park.

Built around the nature reserve are recreation fields perfect for family ball games or for the little ones to run free, never far from view. We love the planning behind this one. The rawness of nature sits side by side with the accessibility of a park. A perfect morning jaunt any day of the week.

Get more from your visit to Primrose Valley.

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Ben Fraser

Ben is a big fan of the outdoors, whether it’s running through Leeds’ many parks or exploring them with his son. Working as a Development Officer for children and young people, he’s all about encouraging more movement and better well-being. He’s keen on discovering how the city’s green spaces can promote more play and activity for everyone. And he’s always on the lookout for the next best place for food and drink in Leeds!


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