Ireland Wood

Ireland Wood


Ireland Wood is a Woodland Trust maintained wood in the north of Leeds.

Ireland Wood

Ireland Wood – also known as Bedford Green Wood – is small wooded green space bordered on three sides by residential housing. Maintained by the Woodland Trust; it is just short of 20-hectares in size.

The wood contains a number of mostly flat and unsurfaced footpaths, which can be accessed via open gateways and a style.

Ireland Wood is just under 8-hectares and has 50% oak and 20% birch trees; it is a category A secondary woodland which is one of the most popular for visitors.  

Location Details

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Things to Note

Ireland Wood has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Rubbish Bins


Ireland Wood is located in the Cookridge area of Leeds, near Horsforth and Meanwood.

Ireland Wood is an official Woodland Trust green space. It is located 4-miles north-west of Leeds city centre. The area’s busiest route is the Otley Old Road.

The area is a family friendly residential spot known for it’s leafy green spaces and woodlands.

Things to Do


There is a well-defined main footpath (unpaved) that goes around the circumference of the wood. At a leisurely place it can be covered in 20-minutes and is popular with dog walkers.

Rope Swing

In the centre of the woodland in the old quarry area there is a rope swing. With less trees and more open space makes for a cracking place to swing from the trees.

Den Building

As Ireland Wood is full of trees and flora there are lots of small items to make dens with. Den building is a fun activity the whole family can join in with. Before you get going consider that also home to the woods are fragile plants and shy animals, so consider what you use and how you use it.


The disused quarry area in the centre of the woods is  ideal for a bit of bouldering and climbing – particularly if you’re visiting with little children.


If you want to be a little bit more adventurous in the kitchen, then why not explore the wood to start foraging a new batch of ingredients for dinner.

Here’s a year-round guide to sustainable foraging curated by the Woodland Trust. You’ll need to brush up on what is in season and how to prepare it!

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Ireland Wood was a 1950s construction project as part of a post-war Leeds housing slum clearance. The estate is notable for its green leafy environment due to the healthy density of woodland in the surrounding area.


The nearest toilet is 5-minutes around the corner at the Welcome in Community Centre and Cafe.

There a rubbish bins on the pathways in Ireland Wood.

Food and Drink

Gusto Italian on the Otley Old Road serves Sicilian restaurant quality food including char-grilled dishes, stone-baked pizzas and seafood.


The nearest parking spot is next to the woods on the residential street of Hospital Lane (Google Map Directions)


Ireland Wood is not fully accessible due to it containing unsurfaced paths and styles that require stepping over.

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