Clayton Wood

Hidden woodland with trails and ponds.


Clayton Wood is an area of ancient woodland and ponds next to a defunct quarry.

The hidden tracks make it perfect for walkers and mountain-bikers.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Clayton Wood has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets


Clayton Wood is located in the old quarry – ‘Briggs Quarry’ – which historically covered around 20-hectares – or roughly around 28-football-fields.

The wood can be found on the edge of Cookridge, a suburb of north-west of Leeds. It is one of the highest points in Leeds with the elevation rising to 198m above sea level.

Things to Do


Following the trails that weave around the ancient woodland. You can re-discover the remnants of the quarry industry dotted all over the woods. Consider you won’t be able to venture into the quarry next door due to its ongoing commercial development.


Clayton Wood has an ever-changing flora.  Corylus maxima, in both green and purple forms, and the moorland crowfoot have all been recorded here. And due to it’s damp climate in autumn it makes for a great place to pick mushrooms.


The trails are perfect to breeze around on a bike. Some very off-road routes! The routes are not marked.


The 2-ponds in Clayton Woods have been fished for decades. Nowadays both ponds are well-stocked with roach, tench, carp, eels  and perch.

Some of the biggest fish in here are the carp which come up to 20lb and fall to floating baits; and the tench which have been caught at 8lb.

It’s free to fish as long as you have a up-to-date rod licence.

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In the north-east corner of the woods there is a Bronze Age stone, which is a scheduled monument of national importance – as far as history visibly goes back in Clayton Woods.


The old Briggs quarry site was actively quarried through to the early 1980s and then abandoned. Lingering on in the woodlands is the former industrial remains of this operation.


The nearest toilet is a 5-minute walk away at the close by McDonalds.

There are no bins or signage to the woodland.

Food and Drink

Taste Café Wira is located just outside Clayton Woods inside Wira Business Park. Pop here for breakfast wraps, toasties, pots of tea and more.


Park for free opposite the woods – over the A6120 – on Fillingfir Drive, LS16 5EH (Google Map Directions)


Clayton Woods is made up off uneven trails. It is not suitable for a wheelchair or pushchair user.

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