Harehills Park

Harehills Park

Wide green open park space suitable for walking and playing sporting activities.

Harehills Park

Harehills Park is a fantastic green space for people to enjoy.

There is a mixture of sporting activities and open space to enjoy walks with friends, family and the dog.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Harehills Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Harehills is an inner-city suburb of Leeds located 1-mil east of the centre of the city. As the name states the area sits on a large hill.

Harehills is notable for the red brick terrace houses and a diverse range of shops and eateries.

Things to Do

Dog Friendly

Harehills Park is a fairly large dog friendly green space that is worth coming to for a dog walk. This great dog walking space also has plenty of benches to take 5-minutes while the pooch is running off some energy.


There is a running loop of Harehills Park that takes you from one end of it to the other. If the weathers good you might enjoy the scenic view into Leeds city. Cover two laps and that’s a mile. Check it out over at Run Leeds.

Tennis Courts

Harehills Park has 4-hard-courts that are in reasonable condition which are free to access throughout the year. There is currently no booking system at the site. Just turn up and play!


There is an all-weather cricket pitch that was installed in 2017.


There is one full sized adult grass football pitch with fixed goals.


There is a concrete multi-use-games-area with markings, hoops and goals for football and basketball.


There is one full sized senior adult rugby pitch without fixed goals.

Outdoor Gym

There is exercise equipment dotted around the park which makes it an ideal place to combine a workout on your walk around the park. You’ll find pull-up bars, parallel bars, dip bars, and more.

Bowling Green

Harehills Park Bowling Club play their games on the bowling green in Harehills Park. There a free family friendly bowls taster sessions at events and open days. The clubs intention is to bring the community together to reduce social isolation and improve lifestyles.


There is only a small child friendly play area in Harehills Park. The little ones can enjoy the slide, swings, spider web climbing frame, see-saw, and merry go round. No accessible play equipment is included.

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Breeze in the Park

Breeze in the Park host an array of interactive games, arts, inflatables and food every summer in the park. Breeze will visit Harehills Park in the summer months. For more information head to the Breeze website.


The name Harehills was first used in 1576 as Hayr Hylls. Since the 1890s Harehills has been an attractive place to immigrants because of the cheap housing. As a result Harehills has become a cultural and ethnic mix of people.

Originally served by the Leeds Tramway route that travelled towards Chapeltown and Roundhay from 1891. The landscape at this time was covered by woods with little housing.

In 1921 (Montague) Burton’s was established in Harehills as the largest textile factory in the world. And the areas claim to pop fame came when the red brick terraced housed streets appeared at the start of the band Queen’s music video – ‘I want to break free’.


Harehills Park has no toilets on site. The nearest toilet is on the Harehills Lane junction at Compton Road Library (Google Map Directions).

There are both dog waste and rubbish bins dotted around the park.

Food and Drink

The Grill Co is located a 5-minute journey away on Harehills Lane. They provide a fresh take on a grilled meaty menu with a range of food including: smash burgers, chicken, grilled specials, grilled wraps, and a no meat zone. There are also shakes and desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth.


Park for free on the residential street of Coldcotes Avenue, LS9 6ND (Google Map Directions)


Harehills Park has a wheelchair accessible entry point near Asda. The other entrances are not accessible for wheelchair users.

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