Dagmar Wood

Dagmar Wood


Dagmar Wood is a community outdoor garden and performance space in the Hyde Park area of Leeds.

Dagmar Wood

Dagmar Wood is a small outdoor community space regularly used for picnics, community workshops and performance events.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Dagmar Wood gated entrance
  • Dagmar Wood gated entrance
  • Dagmar Wood in summer
  • Centre of Dagmar Wood
  • Dagmar Wood path in headingley
  • Dagmar Wood steps
  • Dagmar Wood in summer
  • Dagmar Wood entrance

Things to Note

Dagmar Wood has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets


Commonly known as “Headingleys Best Kept Secret”, Dagmar woods is positioned on the site of an old sandstone quarry. Tucked down Grosvenor Road, just off Headingley Road near the corner of Woodhouse Moor, this hard to find wood is a great place to take a moment.

Things to Do

Volunteer with the NHPNA

The North Hyde Park Neighbourhood Association was set up by local residents to maintain and improve the quality of life in our area. Their reach covers Dagmar Wood, Woodhouse Moor and Woodhouse Ridge. Why not get involved with the work that they carry out, and become a member.

Walk the Dog

Although small, Dagmar wood is a great addition to a longer walk around Headingley. If it was linked up with a Woodhouse Ridge and Hyde Park journey it should be enough for both you and your four legged friend!

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Annual Party

The NHPNA how a number of events including least one annual ‘party’ plus a range of activities and local events in Dagmar Wood throughout the year.


The location of one of many quarry’s in the area. Hence the uneven ground and names of roads in the area. Think Quarry Mount, in Woodhouse, which also hint at the locality’s previous life. The woods is now owned by Leeds City Council.

100 years ago the house located at the highest point of the wood was the vicarage for Leeds Parish Church. It used the old quarry site as its gardens and the lodge near the main entrance was home to the private gardener. There are stone steps to the rear of the building that lead down to what used to be a turning circle in the garden. It its previous life the garden also had a water fountain – there is remains of a drain pipe at the back of the large willow.


There is one dog waste bin at the main gated entrance.

Food and Drink

Due to the woods location you are spoilt for choice on where to get a bite to eat or drink. You could grab breakfast or brunch at LS6 cafe; Maybe a drink across the way at Hyde Park Book Club; finished with something a little more meaty for dinner at Oranaise!


Although there is no dedicated parking for Dagmar Wood, it is surrounded by residential roads and on the edge of Headingley and Hyde Park.

We would recommend parking on Grosvenor Road – Postcode LS6 2DZ (Google map link).


Although the paths around Dagmar Wood are relatively well maintained, it is unlikely they are suitable for a wheelchair or pushchair after rain. If you enter the wood from the main gated area you can avoid any steps to the main section of the wood.

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