Grove Lane Pond with Sign

Grove Lane Pond


Grove Lane Pond is a wildlife treasure trove just waiting to be unearthed.

Grove Lane Pond with Sign

Grove Lane Pond is an ecological dream and sadly part of an ongoing erasure that is happening in our countryside and urban green spaces.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society around 70 percent of naturally occurring ponds have disappeared in the last century. The mystery of Grove Lane Pond is evident because it’s such a hidden gem, literally buried in greenery. Go and see it and get close to one of our forgotten ecological treasures.

Location Details

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Things to Note

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Grove Lane Pond is a Meanwood secret. Found just off Grove Lane (B6159) on the edge of Headingley, the pond is snuggled between the Meanwood Beck and makes up part of the Meanwood Valley Local Nature Reserve. Encased in lush greenery the pond is an easy one to miss when walking the Beck. Just like we did, most people stumbling upon this tranquil spot are out for some fresh air unsuspecting of what’s there.

Things to Do

Grove Lane Pond is undoubtedly an experience that brings us closer to nature and the outdoors. It would be a lie to say there’s lots to do, but don’t be fooled, our innate connection to nature can do wonders to our mind, body and soul given a couple of hours in this environment.


The Woodhouse Ridge Action Group on Wood Lane is just a stone’s throw from the pond. This collective has spent the last 25 years reversing the decline of the previously unmanaged woodland in and around Woodhouse Ridge.

The grassy glades and open meadows of the Ridge overlap with Meanwood Valley where Grove Lane Pond is located. On the last Sunday of every month the group meets for four hours to complete some practical conversation. Head over to the Woodhouse Ridge Action Group website to find out more.


The Meanwood Valley trail is a 7-mile route that heads up the spine of north west Leeds. Our friends over at Leeds Run Routes have co-opted the best bits of this trail into a fantastic running route, hitting not 1 but 3 park spaces – Meanwood Park, Golden Acre Park and Breary Marsh. As we’ve already alluded to; Grove Lane Pond is a walker’s treasure. You’re likely to find this prize buried beneath the undergrowth on a steady mindful walk.


Ponds are places that can teem with wildlife. Grove Lane Pond is no different with a world of activity visible and invisible to the human eye. Caddisfly larvae, water boatman, dragonfly nymphs and water scorpions are hidden below the waterline.

The trained eye will pick up the activity of dragonflies, pond skaters, water louse and frogs above water.

Whether you’ve got young children or you’re a curious naturalist we recommend you bring some tools to get closer to the action. Things like a dipping net is great to skim the water; a pooter will draw creepy crawlies up safely into a see through cavity; and a clear container will capture life underwater.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is allowed on the Meanwood Beck and around Grove Lane Pond; and can be part of a much larger walk – take a look at our walking-running section!

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Grove Lane Pond used to be much larger when it fed Woodlands Mill in the 16th century. Powered by Meanwood Beck the mill ground down corn for the people of Leeds. The mill exchanged hands each century that followed and with it the material output – oil, sandstone and dye – for the market. In 1974 Leeds Corporation bought the mill and levelled the site, all that now remains is a much smaller space of water protected by Leeds City Council that has thrived ecologically.


Bins are in use around the site of Grove Lane Pond.

Food and Drink

A stroll towards Headingley of under one kilometre will bring you to the Otley Road junction. On your left you’ll see the entrance to Heaney & Mill. H&M has an industrial inspired history dating back to the 1960s. It was given a rebirth in 2017 and has been on the ascent towards the top of the tree of seafood restaurants in Leeds ever since. The Otley Road junction is a winner when it comes to places to eat, cross the road and you’ve got arguably one of the best Italian (Salvos) and Thai (Sukhothai) all in the same place.

Just down the road in the centre of Headingley is Santorini Bar & Grill. This Mediterranean inspired restaurant showcases some of the best Greek and Turkish comfort foods – think platters of meze and slow cooked Kleftiko that falls apart with each bite. Santorini brings the drink selection too, they have a great variety of beers on tap and a well stocked wine rack.


The nearest place to park is Grove Lane (B6159) which has ample free on street parking. The postcode to get here is LS6 4AE.


Grove Lane Pond has limited access for wheelchairs and buggies due to the marshy terrain. A sturdy mountain bike or hybrid will cope well with the mud.

How to Get To Grove Lane Pond

Google Map Directions

To get to Grove Lane Pond via bus you would catch the First Group 51/52 from Albion Street in Leeds City Centre. Around 10 minutes in you will need to hop off the bus at Grove Lane Junction (on Meanwood Road) and walk the last half a kilometre to the pond.

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