Kippax Park

Series of lakes that are used for fishing. A pleasant place for a walk.


A fishery with three lakes – Rainbow Lake, Lapwing Lake, Skylark Lake. Offer a lovely environment to go for a stroll.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Kippax Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Parking


Kippax is a village and civil parish in the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, located east of the centre of Leeds.

Things to Do

The main attraction at Kippax Park is Kippax Park Fishery.


If you’re not visiting to do some fishing then you can come for the walking routes around the lake. Weaving your way around all three of the lakes – Rainbow Lake, Lapwing Lake, Skylark Lake – will clock about 1-mile of walking.


The three lakes are stocked with carp, trout and roach, which makes it great for newbies starting out.

The fishery has a regular yearly restock of infant carp. You can book pleasure day fishing tickets at Kippax Park Fishery for daytime fishing. Or take part in scheduled matches across the 3-lakes. For day tickets get in contact with Kippax Park Fishery.

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There isn’t a toilet close by to Kippax Park. There are plenty of options to find a spot within nature if you are caught short.

Food and Drink

The closest place for food and drink is a journey into Allerton Bywater where there are numerous options on Leeds Road.


There is an access road to park a car at Kippax Park (Google Map Directions)


Due to the nature of the fishing area the terrain isn’t suitable for a wheelchair and pushchair user.

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