Hanover Park Square Leeds

Hanover Square Park

A Georgian city park perfect for an escape from the rush of the city centre.

Hanover Park Square Leeds

Hanover Park is a striking Georgian public square that has a green space contained within it.

Location Details

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Things to Note

Hanover Square Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Hanover Park is very close to the city centre by the General Infirmary hospital and the University of Leeds.

Things to Do

Here’s our pick of things to do at Hanover Park:


The wide open pathways around the park are perfect for walking laps to get your lungs pumping and your heart rate up. With one lap just shy of a quarter of a mile we recommend you switch up the pace. Alternate lengths from a gentle stroll to a power walk to a steady jog.

Well-being Class

Simon on the Streets and a team of personal trainers are offering – once a month – those less fortunate a free fitness class and a selection of fruit. For more session info and tickets head to the allevents website.

Multi-Use Game Area

At the southern end of the park is an all weather multi-use games area. The surface is good in all weathers and is suited to basketball, football and even cricket.


The Victorian influence on the Georgian square comes through in the abundance of greenery that’s been added to the park. The lawns are cut and spacious and the flower beds striking and pretty.

Trailblazer Fitness

This is the original site of the first ever Trailblazer fitness session that runs every Friday between 6:30-7:30pm. As a result the layout of the park has been selected for its versatility in delivering all the exercise formats. They also run a weekly lap running competition to test yourself against the clock. When the dark nights come in the session moves indoors at Mike Tobins Gym. For all the session info head to the Trailblazer website.

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In the middle ages Hanover Park was used as “the Lord’s waste” and was essentially the dustbin of the gentry. With the need to produce food the ground became more productive and became developed by farmers.

In 1823 George Rawson a local merchant split the park out from the extensive grounds of Denison Hall. It was then gifted to Leeds council in 1955 for public use. Their was originally a bowling green, but this was converted into a tennis court in the 1930’s and then a football pitch in 1997.

The buildings surrounding the park are officially are Grade II listed buildings and the prominent Denison Hall – located at the top of the square – is also Grade II listed.


The nearest toilet to Hanover Park is the Fox and Newt Pub south of the park on Burley Street.

Food and Drink


Hanover Park is a hot spot for a chill out in the summer months. Good sun and great views make it a pull for picnickers. And with it so close to the city centre it makes it a perfect place to sit and eat on your lunch break.

Food & Drink

The nearest roads to grab something to eat and drink are Kirkstall and Burley Road just below the park. My Lahore Leeds on Kirkstall is a high grade fast food Indian restaurant. It’s pretty meaty here but they also do some great sweet treats and desserts. On Burley Street is The Fox and Newt Pub which presents a traditional pub with local beer and live music a staple. Come and get some classic pub grub too!


Park for free on a parking timer close by to Hanover Park on Clarendon Road (Google Map Directions).


Hanover Park is fully accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

How to Get To Hanover Square Park

Google Map Directions

Hanover Square is near to the main train and bus route destinations in Leeds city centre. It is a 15-minute walk to the train station and a 25-minute walk to Leeds bus station.

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