Black Carr Wood Leeds

Black Carr Woods


Great place for a walk. Trails, streams, and bluebells. A classic English wood!

Black Carr Wood Leeds

Black Carr Woods covers a fairly sizeable area, making it a great place to explore.

Tyersal Beck runs along the top of the wood, then cuts it in two before connecting to Pudsey Beck further down. This gives the woods a beautiful feature. There is a great mix of flowers mingled within the trees, and a number of trails to follow.

Location Details

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Things to Do

Black Carr is a great location tucked to the side of Pudsey. A little known place, compared to that of Post Hill or Pudsey Park. There are loads of things to do here.

Walking at Black Carr Wood

There are a number of interwoven trails and footpaths here. It is a great place to try and get lost, exploring the streams and look at the flora (you wouldn’t get lost as it is surrounded by roads on all sides). It is fairly peaceful on most days!

Walking the Dog at Black Carr Wood

Dogs are allowed off the lead here, and there is Black Carr Dog Park just around the corner if you wanted to check that out. Loads of smells for them to explore, and a stream to cool off in.


As well as the mix of footpaths, there are a number of biking trails that weave around Black Carr Wood. Some rated at a fairly complex, with technical turns and a few jumps. Several can be quick and twisty, watch yourself!

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There are no bins on site, so please take your rubbish with you. There are also no toilets, but there is a pub near the entrance that is sometimes open: The Fox and Grapes. Otherwise best go before your walk…

Food and Drink

One of the entrances to the Black Carr Wood is right by the Fox and Grapes pub. With a pretty decent beer garden, pints, and home cooked food you would be missing a trick not to try it out!

If you are looking for something a bit different, why not pack a picnic or a few snacks? There are some great places to take a seat by the stream and watch the world go by!


There is no parking specifically for Black Carr Woods, but there are a few places nearby where you can leave the car.

The first is along side the old Bankhouse Inn – postcode LS28 8EB (Google Maps Link), however this may be busy. You could also park along Fulneck Road, there are several on road spaces. the postcode is LS28 8NT (Google Maps Link).


On a dry weekend the paths at Black Carr Wood are just about suitable for wheelchairs and push chairs. However after rain we would not recommend it. There are a lot of exposed roots, and the addition of the rain makes it a very muddy area.

Within the woods there are several step throughs that block the way for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


The bridges over Pudsey Beck are not fit for wheelchair/mobility scooter users.


If you enter via the path by the Fox and Grapes there is a combination of a stile and A-gate. The A-gate will block larger wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

If entering from Scholebrooke Lane (near Fulneck Road) there are a set of metal barriers to block motorcycles. Wheelchairs and Mobility scooters cannot enter here.


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