Arthers Rein

Arthur’s Rein


Local nature reserve that is part of the Wyke Beck Valley habitat corridor.

Arthers Rein

Arthur’s Rein is one of the local nature reserves – an area of semi-improved grassland – created by Leeds City Council.

The aim of this green space creation is to provide a valuable habitat corridor – running parallel to the Beck  – from Roundhay to Rothwell, providing a home to the white clawed crayfish. Arthur’s Rein takes you on pleasant journey through a protected piece of nature!

Location Details

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Things to Note

Arthur’s Rein has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Dog Waste Bins
  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets
  • Pushchair Access
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Wheelchair Access


Arthur’s Rein green arch – just off Easterly Road – signals the start of this stretch of nature reserve.

The Wyke Beck water source originates at Waterloo Lake in Roundhay Park, running through Gipton, Seacroft – where Arthur’s Rein is located – on to Killingbeck and Halton; the Wyke Beck finishes in the River Aire next to Rothwell Country Park.

Things to Do

Friends of Arthur’s Rein

The Friends of group come together to improve and maintain the Arthur’s Rein local nature reserve. They undertake tasks like fruit tree trimming and planting, path clearance, grassland management and a continuous battle with bramble to free up ground flora like bluebells, wild garlic and lesser celandine.

Find out what the Friends of group are up to next on their open Facebook group.


Arthur’s Rein is a green corridor in suburban Leeds. A surfaced footpath runs the length of Arthur’s Rein from Easterly Road to Foundry Lane. For people living in inner-east Leeds it makes for a lovely walk in nature. The beck that runs alongside adds to the habitat of flora and fauna.

Arthur’s Rein is a great dog walk whether you take it easy as a leisurely stroll or up the pace.


Arthur’s Rein is near the start of the Temple Newsam to Tropical World run route, it uses the Wyke Beck Valley Way as its route. The well signposted markers take you from one busy destination to another; mixing up the running with lots of green spaces and nature reserves.

Checkout the full route over at LeedsRunRoutes.


As it’s a habitat corridor you can expect to see lots of lovely wildlife. The smaller creatures like the red admiral, brimstone butterfly and alder beetle can be spotted amongst the wild poppies and daisies.

The large flora contains a a mixture of broad-leaved trees, including alder, common oak, sycamore and willow.

On the beck waterway watch out for the more rarer creatures like the water voles, European bullhead, trout and white clawed crayfish – the only native species of crayfish to the UK!

Roundhay Park

Walking, cycling or running northwards on the Wyke Beck Valley Way will bring you to Roundhay Park – an activity destination that’s perfect for a day out with the family.

Temple Newsam

Travelling eastwards from Arthur’s Rein on the Wyke Beck Valley Way will bring you to Primrose Valley Park and Temple Newsam. The latter has a rich mixture of social history and outdoor activities.

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Arthur’s Rein is part of the Wyke Beck Valley which started in 2018 as a joint partnership between Leeds City Council and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

The aim is to improve the habitats of five local nature reserves that make up the Wyke Beck Valley – one of these is Arthur’s Rein.

It’s not written in stone but the name Arthur’s Rein could attest to King Arthur the legendary king of Britain and popular in medieval literature.


The nearest toilet to Arthur’s Rein is 5-minutes away at the Orchard Pub.

There are dog and rubbish waste bins sparsely dotted through Arthur’s Rein.

Food and Drink

Captain Thornton’s fish and chip takeaway is a couple of minutes up Easterly Road from the entrance of Arthur’s Rein. Apparently Captain Thornton’s dream was to offer the finest fish and chips known to man!


Park for free opposite the start of Arthur’s Rein on Asket Hill, LS8 2NU (Google Map Directions)


The concrete paths and access points throughout Arthur’s Rein are wide enough for a wheelchair.


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