IF Rooftop Leeds

IF Rooftop!

One of the best chilled rooftop bars in Leeds. It’s a casual drinking vibes all the way.

IF Rooftop leeds

IF… Rooftop! comes with some of the best city centre skyline views across the city.

Less bourgeois class and more artsy cool at this rooftop bar.

Chill out and relax with a pint in your hand while someone spins some tasteful tunes on the turntables. And don’t forget the access code that’s shared on their socials!

Entry Code #1997

There are vegetarian friendly food options available.

Location Details

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The Food

Pizza galore! IF Rooftop do a range of Sicilian square styled pizzas that come loaded with lots of different toppings. The rooftop bar does an all you can eat pizza offer for a reasonable price. There’s a decent selection of dips too!

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The Drink

IF Rooftop! has a selection of beers and speciality cocktails.

The IF company are a bit of all sorts when it comes to drinks so keep an eye on a changing bar menu.

The Place

IF Rooftop! is nestled at the top of the stunning Grade II listed 19th century Avenue HQ building. Below the bar there’s hot desking, meeting rooms and event spaces.

The views over Leeds, in particular the tower of the Leeds Town Hall, provides a beautiful backdrop on a clear day or at sundown.

IF Rooftop! is one of those places you don’t want to tell too many people about, in case it gets too busy – vibes!

The Location

IF Rooftop! neighbours Greek Street and is located in the heart of the city centre.

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Where to Park

The nearest parking is paid at Q-Park the Light (Google Map Directions) – standard hourly day rates are costly.


Additional access off Park Cross Street.

What To Do Next

After a couple of drinks you’re probably ready to eat something. There’s lots of places to checkout close by, like Jah Jyot serving up authentic Punjab street food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat in at IF Rooftop!?

Unfortunately you are not able to eat in at IF Rooftop!. However there is an outside seating area so could make use of this instead on a sunny day.

Does IF Rooftop! have a beer garden?

Yes IF Rooftop! does have a beer garden.

Does IF Rooftop! offer takeaway?

Unfortunately IF Rooftop! does not offer a takeaway delivery service.


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