Intimate ambiance at Below Stairs with a close-up of clasped hands over a table, under warm lighting.

Below Stairs

Intimate underground cocktail bar with unique sensory-based drinks and attentive service.

Alt text: "Cozy ambiance at Below Stairs with groups of people seated at tables, engaging in conversation, in a dimly lit room with stylish decor."

Below Stairs is a cocktail bar located in Leeds city centre.

The bar serves a variety of house-made classic cocktails along with craft beers and wines in a relaxed underground setting.

There is also a selection non-alcoholic options available.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Craft cocktail with a chocolate garnish at Below Stairs, presented on a wooden surface against a dark blue background.
  • Bartender at Below Stairs pouring a cocktail through a strainer into a glass, with an olive on a pick.
  • Close-up of a wooden bar counter at Below Stairs with a selection of glasses and bottles, suggesting a cozy and inviting atmosphere for drinks and socializing.
  • Bartender pouring a drink at Below Stairs, with wine bottle and bar equipment in view.
  • Interior of Below Stairs restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, a cozy booth with cushions, and framed artwork on a navy blue wall, illuminated by warm pendant lighting.
  • A variety of liquor bottles on a bar shelf at Below Stairs with an elegant arrangement of pampas grass and dried foliage illuminated by mood lighting.
  • Interior of Below Stairs with dim lighting, featuring cozy orange booth seating, pendant lights, and patterned floor rugs.
  • A cozy setting at Below Stairs featuring a cup of tea with a lemon slice on a wooden table, accompanied by a pink menu with the establishment's name and a sketchbook with a blue cover.

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The Drink

Below Stairs serves a variety of craft cocktails, beer, and wine in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. The cocktail menu aims to tell stories through drinks, with options ranging from classic cocktails to original creations.

Popular cocktails include The Individualist, an interactive drink served with playing cards, and the Bitter Spritz, made with bitter liqueur, soda water, and orange syrup.

The bar also offers six beers on draft showcasing independent breweries, as well as wines from small vineyards. Non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks round out the diverse beverage selection.

The knowledgeable bartenders can also craft custom cocktails upon request.

The Place

Below Stairs is an intimate cocktail bar with a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. The venue features tables and chairs for seating, as well as some standing room around the central bar area.

The décor is described as sophisticated, with dim lighting setting the mood.

The Location

Below Stairs is located on South Parade in central Leeds. The venue is a short walk from both the city centre and Leeds train station, with good access to public transport links.

Nearby attractions include the First Direct Arena, Leeds Art Gallery and the Grand Theatre. Millennium Square and City Square provide open spaces close to the bar.

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Below Stairs is only accessible by a flight of stairs.

What To Do Next

After enjoying the unique cocktails and intimate atmosphere at Below Stairs, continue the night by visiting some of the nearby late-night venues.

Blind Tyger serves craft beers and cocktails until late, while Jake’s Bar & Still Room offers a speakeasy vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat in at Below Stairs?

Yes you can eat in/dine in at Below Stairs.

Does Below Stairs have a beer garden?

No unfortunately Below Stairs does not have a beer garden.

Does Below Stairs offer takeaway?

Unfortunately Below Stairs does not offer a takeaway delivery service.

Can I order Below Stairs delivery in Leeds with Deliveroo?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Below Stairs through Deliveroo in Leeds.

Can I order Below Stairs delivery in Leeds with Just Eat?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Below Stairs through Just Eat in Leeds.

Can I order Below Stairs delivery in Leeds with Uber Eats?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Below Stairs through Uber Eats in Leeds.


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