Interior of Hoist House featuring a cozy bar with taps and stools, wooden tables, festive decorations, and a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Hoist House

Bottomless pizza and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Interior of Hoist House showing a cozy bar area with hanging dried hops, wooden counter, beer taps, pendant lights, and a view of the street outside.

Hoist House is a pub located in Leeds city centre that offers a cosy atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks and snacks.

With seating available both indoors and outdoors; it’s a versatile spot to socialise over a drink.

There are gluten free, vegan friendly, and vegetarian friendly food options available.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Close-up of a cold beer in a glass with the logo "Birra Moretti" at Hoist House, with other beer taps in the background and a blurred bar setting.
  • Assorted Malfy gin bottles and a cocktail glass on a wooden table at Hoist House with blurred building background.
  • Sunny day at Hoist House with people enjoying outdoor seating between modern buildings.
  • Ploughman's lunch with assorted cheeses, ham, pickles, and bread, Scotch egg on a plate, wrapped sandwiches, crisps, and two pints of beer on a wooden table at Hoist House.
  • Delicious chicken gyro with fresh vegetables and golden fries served at Hoist House.
  • Delicious lasagna with cherry tomatoes on top, served with a side salad and bread rolls on a white plate at Hoist House.
  • Outdoor seating at Hoist House with a refreshing glass of Corona beer on a sunny day.
  • Outdoor seating area at Hoist House with wooden picnic tables and a chalkboard sign advertising Euros football matches shown Monday to Saturday.

The Food

Hoist House serves up a variety of pizzas with both meat and vegetarian options available.

Their pizza selection includes signature options like the El Bastardo, which features spicy pepperoni, as well as vegan choices. The pizzas are made fresh with thick crusts and lots of cheese and toppings.

In addition to their regular menu, Hoist House offers a popular bottomless pizza brunch on the weekends. This brunch includes unlimited pizza and drinks for 90-minutes.

They also allow outside food so guests can enjoy food from the various pop-up vendors located nearby. Hoist House aims to be inclusive, with options for vegans as well as those with other dietary needs.

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The Drink

Hoist House has a wide selection of drinks.

On the alcoholic side, they serve various beers on tap including lagers and ales. Cocktails, wines, ciders, and spirits are also available. The establishment’s most popular alcoholic drink appears to be prosecco, which is served at their weekly bottomless brunch on weekends.

Other brunch drink options include Aperol spritz, house lager, cider, craft ale, and wine.

In addition to standard drink sizes, Hoist House offers bottomless drinks during their weekend brunch. This allows guests to enjoy unlimited prosecco, Aperol spritz, beer, cider, wine, and more for a 90-minute time period.

The Place

Hoist House has a cosy atmosphere. It has seating inside and out so guests can enjoy the space no matter the weather.

The Location

Hoist House is located on Wellington Place in central Leeds. The pub is situated just off Wellington Street, close to several office buildings.

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Hoist House has a fully accessible ramp access, suitable for a wheelchair user.

What To Do Next

Wellington Place is surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars to continue the day, like Editors Draught.

If looking for some culture, the award-winning Leeds Art Gallery is under 15-minutes on foot. Housing contemporary and historic art, the gallery has free admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat in at Hoist House?

Yes you can eat in/dine in at Hoist House. There is also have an outside seating area. A great shout on a sunny day!

Does Hoist House have a beer garden?

Yes Hoist House does have a beer garden.

Does Hoist House offer takeaway?

Unfortunately Hoist House does not offer a takeaway delivery service.

Can I order Hoist House delivery in Leeds with Deliveroo?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Hoist House through Deliveroo in Leeds.

Can I order Hoist House delivery in Leeds with Just Eat?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Hoist House through Just Eat in Leeds.

Can I order Hoist House delivery in Leeds with Uber Eats?

No, unfortunately delivery is not available for Hoist House through Uber Eats in Leeds.


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