Places to Get Cup of Tea in Leeds

The best spots in Leeds to enjoy a comforting cup of tea, from traditional tea rooms to cosy cafes offering an array of delightful blends.

Is there anything more quintessentially British than a lovely cup of tea? Whether you’re catching up with friends, taking a break from shopping, or simply seeking a moment of quiet relaxation, Leeds has a wealth of wonderful tea spots waiting to be discovered. From charming traditional tea rooms complete with vintage china and dainty sandwiches to modern, minimalist cafes offering an array of intriguing blends from around the world, there’s a perfect tea destination for every taste and occasion.

Picture yourself stepping into a quaint, sunlit tea room, the air fragrant with the aroma of freshly brewed Earl Grey and warm, buttery scones. As you settle into a plush armchair and peruse the extensive tea menu, you’ll be spoiled for choice – will you opt for a classic English Breakfast, a delicate Darjeeling, or perhaps a soothing herbal infusion? Pair your brew with a tempting array of cakes, pastries, and finger sandwiches, and you’ve got the recipe for a truly delightful afternoon.


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