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Want to discover those places that only the locals know about? More interested in a small independent restaurant serving tasty treats, than the Nandos on the corner? Have a hankering for a hand-made cocktail in a cosy bar, instead of a watered down Mojito at TGIs?

You have come to the right place.

Discover Leeds was started to help you do exactly what it says on the tin. It doesn’t matter if you are a local looking for some inspiration, or passing through for a few days on a jolly (or work, but you can have a jolly as well? right!?). The idea is that you can leave here with a plan for the day, evening, or tomorrow.

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Leeds is a big city, and great new places are popping up all the time. So it will take a while to get everything on here – with that in mind Discover Leeds will be rolled out in stages. This is to make sure that the information is correct, and only the places that deserve make it onto the website (Sorry Frankie and Benny’s, your pasta is bland).

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The first stage is helping you find those hidden parks, and beautiful local green spots right around the corner. With Covid not showing any signs of going anywhere – less people are getting out and about. This needs to change – for the sake of your health and mind! Want to know where to go? Whether there is a place for a bite to eat after? And if there is a toilet on site (covering those essentials!) Take a look at the Outdoors section to see all of the best parks in Leeds.

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The second stage is shouting about the smaller independents that need our help in these trying times. Family owned, locally run establishments that are creating some great tastes. At the end of the day – these are the places that make a city like Leeds so great! It is all about helping you find the best activities and places in Leeds.

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Things can change, especially now! However there will always be exciting things to do in Leeds. The plan is to keep ears to the ground, and work with independents to keep you up to date with what is new and exciting in Leeds. The idea is not to tie Discover Leeds down to one way of thinking. You want to know where to be at lunch, or what to do on your day off. We have got you!

Here is to the next few months of excitement. Here is you Discovering Leeds.

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Robert Marshall

Rob has been a resident of Leeds for over a decade, having moved here as a student and lived in various parts of the city. With a love for exploring Leeds’ parks, woods, and the local food and drink scene, he is always on the lookout for hidden spots. Spending time exploring the city has led to discovering places that offer a break from the busy urban life or a taste of Leeds’ diverse culinary offerings.


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