Tittybottle Park

Tittybottle Park


A small stripe of greenery alongside the River Wharfe

Tittybottle Park

Tittybottle Park is a very small patch of land alongside the River Wharfe in Otley. There are a number of benches and bins, a great place to take a moment on a sunny day.

Location Details

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  • Tittybottle Park Otley
  • Tittybottle Park Otley
  • Tittybottle Park Otley


Otley is a market town on the apex point of the River Wharfe around 10-miles north-west of Leeds city centre.

Tittybottle Park is just around the corner from Wharfemeadows Park and The Gallows Hill Nature Reserve.

Things to Do

Why do you need a plan? Grab some chips from the nearby fish and chips, and enjoy the view!

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Where does the name come from?

Interestingly named Tittybottle Park gets its name from the fact that it used to be a popular spot for nursing mothers to come with their children back in the day.

Across the North of England there are a number of parks with the name Tittybottle. One can be found in Masham, and there used to be Tittybottle Parks located in Guisborough, Loftus, and Normanby, near Middlesbrough. A section of Friary Gardens in Richmond is informally known as Tittybottle Park. In Shildon, the steep incline leading up from Redworth is even called Tittybottle Bank.

Many of the Tittybottle Parks are quite small with only a couple of benches. They were usually located near affluent Victorian neighbourhoods where the residents could hire nursemaids to assist with childcare. These nursemaids would bring their baby carriages to the nearest park, sit with their friends and chat while feeding the infants with a bottle.

Food and Drink

Fancy a chippy? Pop into The Wharfe on Bridge Street for some traditional fish and chips.


Best bet is to park at Wharfemeadow Park in Otley and walk across from there.


There are well maintained pushchair/wheelchair friendly paths.

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