Ledston Park

Old manor estate with lots of things to do in the formal grounds and surrounding woodland.


Ledston Park is an old manor estate that was home to different aristocratic families from the 12th century onwards.

The grade II listed hall is surrounded by a green park-scape that includes landscape gardens and woodland.

Ledston Park is a mixture of formal and informal green space for all ages to enjoy!

Location Details

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Things to Note

Ledston Park has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Toilets


Ledston is a quaint village in the outer areas of Leeds metropolitan borough. It is 10-miles east of Leeds city centre.

Things to Do


There are extensive patches of woodland and open fields full of wild grass, that are the result of 4 different plantations around Ledston Hall. This environment makes it a great place for a spontaneous walk. Allow yourself to go off the beaten track here!

Den Building

Building a den is an activity that will encourage creativity, curiosity and a connection to nature. This is great fun for the whole family to spend time together. And is something you can do all year round, but one of the most ideal times is in autumn when there are lots of fallen leaves and branches.


The wild grass fields and surrounding plantations are perfect spots to settle down in a secluded spot to enjoy a family picnic.

Ledston Hall

Ledston Hall was originally a grange and chapel built by monks from Pontefract Priory. It is now a grade II listed building. This piece of history is well worth a look around on your visit to the park. You will have to travel a short distance, south of the park, into Ledston to access the hall.

Gardens & Pleasure Grounds

The landscaped park contains what was once a pleasure garden. Back in the 17th and 18th century a pleasure garden would of contained a restaurant, gallery or even a brothel.

Now, what is left is the walled gardens that was planted between 1800-50. The planting of this would have been heavily influenced by horticulture. Typically, this garden will be of a decorative kind, but could have produced fruit and vegetables for the manor house in the past.

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Ledston Park is on the remnant of a large manor that has been held by successive aristocratic families since the 12th century, the most famous being Lady Elizabeth Hastings.


The nearest public toilet is a 15-minute walk away at the Chequers Inn pub.

Food and Drink

Ledston has a classy 15th century pub serving food and drink called the White Horse. The food is traditional and the ingredients is sourced in season from local suppliers.


Park for free down the residential access road of Park Lane, LS25 5LS (Google Map Directions)


The park is covered in trails that make access and walking more difficult following wet weather. The majority of Ledston Park is not suitable for wheelchair and pushchair users.

Bear in mind that some parts of Ledston Park are private property and off limits to the public. You will see signs indicating this.

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