Calverley Wood by canal

Calverley Wood


Charming woodland, bursting with greenery, interweaving pathways and historic remnants to explore.

Calverley Wood

A lovely wood with ties to the Second World War, located in the quaint village of Calverley.

Featuring a 2 mile circular route the woods are a great place to enjoy nature and let off steam. Put on your walking boots or running shoes, take your four legged friend for a stroll, or hop on the bike to enjoy the fresh air and the woodland scenery.

Listen to the birds, look out for creatures scurrying in the undergrowth, make a den amongst the trees, find carved sculptures and visit the fairy village.

Calverley Woods is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood path under Quarry
  • Calverley Fox engraving on rock in Calverley Wood
  • Calverley Wood
  • Calverley Wood Fairy Houses
  • Calverley Wood Warning Sign
  • Calverley Wood fallen tree
  • Calverley Wood
  • Calverley Wood Quarry
  • Calverley Wood path under Quarry
  • Calverley Wood Quarry
  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood path
  • Calverley Wood
  • Calverley Wood entrance
  • Calverley Wood Leeds owl engraving
  • Calverley Wood ruins
  • Calverley Wood view
  • Calverley Wood Leeds Parking

Things to Note

Calverley Wood has the following on-site or nearby:

  • Nearby Food & Drink
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nearby Shops
  • Rubbish Bins


Calverley Woods are located in Calverley, a little village in Leeds, 10 miles from Leeds City Centre and four miles from Bradford. The woods cover 188 acres and are part of the Leeds Country Way, a 62 mile route of luscious greenery from Leeds City Centre to Pudsey.

Things to Do

Featuring a 2 mile circular route the woods are a great place to go on a walk or run. Take in the fresh air and appreciate the woodland scenery, listen to the birds, look out for creatures scurrying in the undergrowth and make a den amongst the trees.

Walk, run and hike through the woods

Enjoy a walk or run amongst the trees following the 2 mile circular route around the wood. Start the route at Thornhill Drive and head towards the trees to start your adventure . Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the woods’ historic past. Can you see the remnants of the reservoir and old quarry?

Fancy extending your walk? Why not head over to the nearby West Wood? Or down to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which can be easily accessed from the village of Calverley, located next to the woods. Follow the water West to Bradford and East into Leeds City Centre. If you are experienced on the water, you can paddle down the canal instead. Visit Canal & River Trust to find out more.

Or you could take a walk along the River Aire which runs north of the woods.

Hiking enthusiasts can embark on a long distance walk along the Leeds Country Way, which passes through the woods. The 62 mile circular route takes you on a journey through  the suburbs of Leeds. Find a break down of the route on the Leeds Gov website.

There is a great 10km run that passes Calverley Wood. If you like a canal run this is perfect.

Look out for carved creations

When venturing round the woods look out for carved sculptures Created by a local sculptor who wanted to inspire people of all ages to explore the woods and appreciate nature, the creations are chiselled into wood and rock and  include a snail, two fairy houses, and a rabbit. Get the kids involved and see how many you can find.

Mountain biking

Grab your mountain bike and go on an adventure through the woodlands. There are lots of walking trails and cycle routes carved through the woods suitable for mountain bikes. Meander down the tracks and practice your jumps over the bumps and winding tree routes.

Calverley Woods is Dog Friendly

Take your four legged friend on a stroll through the woodland. Dogs will love getting lost amongst the trees and following the scents of woodland critters through the undergrowth. Stop off for a rest and a bowl of water at the Calverley Arms.

Pay a visit to the fairy village

If visiting with children be sure to visit the fairy village, where you will find lovely handcrafted villages fit for fairies. Admire the lovely little house and imagine the fairies and the adventures they get into in the woods. Why don’t you make your own fairy house to leave in the woods, or leave a message for a fairy when you find the fairy garden?

To find the fairy village take a right as you enter the woods at Thornhill Drive and follow the sign up the hill.

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Calverley Woods are home to the remains of buildings from World War Two, which were used to train troops for the D-day landings and to briefly house prisoners of war. After the war they were used to house soldiers and civilians who were unable to return home. In 1947 the building was repurposed and turned into a fireworks factory, which abruptly closed following an explosion in 1957 which killed 3 people.

In the woods you will find the Calverley Cutting, a dramatic cleared area that was intended to be transformed into a new road as part of a major redevelopment to replace the old pack horse route and create houses for the rich in the 1850’s. Due to disapproval about the steep road up to the cutting cutting, the redevelopment project was abandoned. If you look closely in the sandstone you can see the marks from where explosives used to create the cutting were drilled into the rock.


There are no toilet facilities at Calverley Woods. Toilet facilities can be accessed at The Thornhill pub for paying customers.

When exploring the woods please remember to take your rubbish home with you.

Food and Drink

Calverley Woods make the perfect backdrop for a picnic, grab your sarnies and favourite treats and find a scenic spot to stop for a bite to eat.

Weather not the best? In need of a hot beverage or forgot your pack up? Head to the nearby village of Calverley where you can find several lovely coffee shops and pubs full of character.

The Thornhill  is a traditional favourite having fed and watered travellers from Leeds and Bradford for hundreds of years. Serving up real ales and authentic meals made with local produce, the Thornhill menu offers an exciting choice of classical and contemporary dishes to cater for food lovers. Head over on a Sunday to enjoy a delicious roast with meat from the local Leeds village of Bramhope.

Another pub well worth the visit is The Calverley Arms, a fantastic building nestled amongst the trees which dates back to the Victorian era. Serving up seasonal hearty pub food, the Calverley Arms is a great place to stop for a bite to eat with your four legged friend and admire the stunning views over the Aire Valley.


So you are asking yourself, “Where can I park in Calverley Woods?”.

Unfortunately the answer to that is: there is no car park at Calverley Woods.

There is however limited off road parking is available on Thornhill Drive, postcode – LS28 5QW (Google Map Directions).


Forest paths are uneven and may not be accessible to wheelchairs or prams. Be careful as some areas of the woodland may become boggy and slippery in wetter conditions.

How to Get To Calverley Wood

Google Map Directions

Calverley Woods can be reached by car by following roads B6157, A65, Aa657 or A647 from Leeds City Centre.

For those traveling by bus take the 60 Aireliner from Leeds City Centre. Alight at Carr Road/ Fraser Road and walk 18 minutes to reach the woods.

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