Vibrant nightlife scene at Tiki Hideaway with patrons enjoying drinks and socializing at the bar adorned with tropical decor and dim, warm lighting.

Tiki Hideaway

Tropical paradise cocktail bar with Polynesian decor, flaming drinks and fun vibes.

Flaming cocktail at Tiki Hideaway, with orange liquid, ice on top, and a fire burst above the glass on a bar counter.

Tiki Hideaway is a 1950s Polynesian-inspired cocktail bar. Tropical cocktails and a fun, laidback atmosphere with vibrant décor. The bar also offers wine and beer.

There are vegetarian friendly food options available.

Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Interior of Tiki Hideaway with tropical-themed decor, featuring bamboo-lined walls, thatched roof accents, colorful cushioned benches, wicker bar stools, and warm ambient lighting.
  • Crowd of people enjoying a lively party at Tiki Hideaway, wearing colorful Hawaiian shirts and floral leis, with tropical-themed decor in the background.
  • Vibrant nightlife scene at Tiki Hideaway with guests enjoying drinks and socializing under warm ambient lighting and tropical decor.
  • Interior of Tiki Hideaway with bamboo bar, red ambient lighting, tiki-themed decorations, and cocktail menu on wall.
  • Flaming cocktail being prepared at Tiki Hideaway, with bartender in the background.
  • Exterior view of Tiki Hideaway with patrons dining at colorful tables on the sidewalk, adjacent to the Call Lane Social entrance.
  • Vibrant atmosphere at Tiki Hideaway with patrons enjoying the dimly lit bar adorned with tropical decor and neon signs.

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The Drink

Tiki Hideaway serves a wide variety of tropical cocktails, focusing on rum-based drinks and fruity concoctions. Popular options include the Flaming Zombie, made with multiple rums and fruit juices, as well as Tiki classics like Mai Tais and Piña Coladas.

Many drinks incorporate flaming elements or over-the-top garnishes like flowers and fruits on skewers for a festive, island-inspired presentation.

The bar offers cocktails in hurricane glasses, coconut shells, tiki mugs, and standard cocktail glasses. You can choose from an extensive list with both classic and signature options developed by the bartenders.

Tiki Hideaway also serves beer, wine, and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

The Place

Tiki Hideaway is a 1950s Polynesian-inspired cocktail bar with a fun, tropical vibe. Bamboo huts and vibrant flowers create an island aesthetic, transporting guests to a beachside paradise. Tables and chairs scattered throughout complement the relaxed atmosphere.

Upbeat music plays on the jukebox, keeping energy levels high. Lighting is likely dim with pops of colour from paper lanterns.

Tiki cocktail masterclasses can be booked for some added fun. There is also a  Tiki Hideaway private event space available for corporate gatherings and celebrations. The unique interior makes it an eye-catching venue for special occasions.

The Location

Tiki Hideaway is located half-way down Call Lane next to the Call Lane Social bar.

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Tiki Hideaway is only accessible by a flight of stairs.

What To Do Next

The bar is conveniently located in the heart of the city, putting numerous attractions within walking distance.

As the evening winds down, why not check out other nearby bars and clubs on Call Lane, like more colour cocktails at Cuckoo over the road.

For some culture, the Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute featuring contemporary art are just a few blocks away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat in at Tiki Hideaway?

Unfortunately you are not able to eat in at Tiki Hideaway. However there is an outside seating area so could make use of this instead on a sunny day.

Does Tiki Hideaway have a beer garden?

Yes Tiki Hideaway does have a beer garden.

Does Tiki Hideaway offer takeaway?

Unfortunately Tiki Hideaway does not offer a takeaway delivery service.


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