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Portside Fish & Chips

Portside Fish & Chips

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Portside are serving up some of the finest fish and chips in the city.

Portside Fish & Chips

Portside are bringing their fish and chips A game to the people of Moortown, Roundhay and Chapel Allerton. And they are not slacking on the Yorkie favourites – gravy, mushy peas and curry sauce!

There are vegetarian friendly food options available.

Location Details

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  • Portside Fish & Chips
  • Portside Fish & Chips
  • Portside Fish & Chips
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The Food

Based on feedback from the local community everything that’s fried (that’s nigh on all of it) is fried in vegetable oil, which makes some of the menu suitable for the veggie – think burgers, onion rings and other sides.


Like any good chippy, the fish is a really important part of it, and Portside take great pride in cooking theirs in a batter that both crisps and fluffs up.


On the flip, as a fish alternative,  you might want to check out the chicken and chips. Or the spam fritter, anyone?

And to finish grab a tub of ice cream… they’ve aptly stocked freezer favourites like Ben & Jerries’ fish food. Nicely done Portside!

The Drink

There are a small selection of soft drinks available.

The Place

Formerly called the Atlantis. The locals have been given the new ownership rave reviews since they took over and relaunched as Portside.

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Where to Park

There is limited customer parking outside of Portside. If you’re struggling for space park for free around the corner on the residential street of Stainburn Drive.

How To Get Here

Google Map Directions

To get to Portside you can catch the 2/3/3a Leeds First Bus service from the city centre to the bus stop directly outside the chippy on Harrogate Road.

By car or taxi the journey is around 15-minutes from the city centre.


It’s a single step access to Portside chippy.


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Delivery Options

Collection and delivery are available.

Note from Discover Leeds: Where possible we suggest contacting directly and/or collecting as third party delivery companies take a large cut.

What To Do Next

After you’ve filled your belly head just under a mile down Harrogate Road and onto Stainbeck Road. You’ll reach the Beck and Call –  a friendly pub that does a real nice selection of cask ales. Enjoy!

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