Evening ambiance at a dining venue with patrons seated under awnings labeled "Oporto," warm lighting, and a white picket fence.


Live music, drinks and late nights.

Alt text: "Chilled atmosphere in Oporto with a neon sign, fresh pineapple, and Schofferhofer wheat beer cans on a bar counter."

Oporto have been bringing the party for over a quarter of a decade; perfecting the combination of indie music and free flowing drinks. If a lively bar playing indie, rock and electro is your thing, get yourself down!


Location Details

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Take a look around

  • Exterior view of a charming street in Oporto with historic red brick buildings, featuring a cafe with outdoor seating and patrons enjoying the sunny weather.
  • Outdoor seating at Oporto restaurant with wooden tables and benches, white picket fence, and folded black umbrellas on a city sidewalk.
  • Night view of a lively Oporto restaurant with illuminated signage, patrons visible inside, and a white picket fence in front, set against a traditional building facade in Oporto.
  • Crowd of people attending a live music event at Oporto, with a stage featuring the text "Live at Leeds" and a performer under a disco ball.
  • "Cozy bar ambiance at Oporto with neon sign, shelves of whiskey bottles, beer taps, and bartender at work."
  • "Cozy bar atmosphere in Oporto with a friendly dog sitting on the counter, illuminated by warm lighting and surrounded by an array of spirits and beer taps, with a neon sign and guitar decoration on the brick wall."

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The Drink

Expect a typical bar stocked with larger, cider, craft ale – on tap and bottled in the fridge.

There’s also an impressive range of spirits that are served to your preference: mixed or straight up!


The Place

The music is curated by Dead Young Records and friends.

A 120-capacity events space is packed out with a loud PA system. It hosts weekly events, showcasing the best in live indie music and DJ sets.

Expect some pre-post parties for the bigger live gig events in the city.


The Location

Oporto is located on Call Lane in the centre of Leeds. Close to the impressive Corn Exchange, you are only a short walk from bus and train transport links.


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Oporto has a wheelchair accessible entrance. Inside there are no disabled friendly toilets.


What To Do Next

Carry on the Call Lane party at Jake’s Bar & Still Room or Neon Cactus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat in at Oporto?

Unfortunately you are not able to eat in at Oporto.

Does Oporto have a beer garden?

No unfortunately Oporto does not have a beer garden.

Does Oporto offer takeaway?

Unfortunately Oporto does not offer a takeaway delivery service.


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