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Cardigan Fish Bar

Cardigan Fish Bar

  • Fish and Chips
  • Fast Food

The Cardigan Fish Bar is where the batter is better amongst a sea of fish and chip shops in Leeds.

Cardigan Fish Bar

The Cardigan Fish Bar have a reputation for serving a quality portions of the nations favourite – traditional fish and chips – at an affordable price with a few Yorkshire twists thrown in there. And if you aren’t the biggest fan of fish there’s a decent range of meat and veggie alternatives.


There are vegetarian friendly food options available.

Location Details

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  • Cardigan Fish Bar Fish and Chips
  • Cardigan Fish Bar Fish and Chips
  • Cardigan Fish Bar chicken
  • Cardigan Fish Bar Fish and Chips
  • Cardigan Fish Bar
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The Food

Fish & Chips

Battered fish, scampi and fish cake make the bulk of your fish options. There’s also a kind to your heart option where you can grill your fish in foil with a choice of herbs and spices and have this served up with rice and salad.

Burgers & Kebabs

Chicken, beef and donner between bread or lots more donner in a wrap. It’s your choice.


Potatoes; pies; and burgers are the cornerstone of this part of the menu – it’s a nice touch for those non-meat eaters. And there’s even some homemade chili sauce to dip into.

The Drink

There are a small selection of soft drinks available.

The Place

Located on Cardigan Road in the heart of the student community of Hyde Park. Once served you can take a seat at the window and tuck into your chip tea while the world goes about its business outside – it’s a pretty good people watching spot!



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Where to Park

Park for free opposite the Cardigan Fish Bar on Burley Lodge Road, postcode: LS6 1QJ (Google Map Directions)

How To Get Here

Google Map Directions

To get to the Cardigan Fish Bar take the 60, 508 or A1 flyer from Leeds City. You will need to hop off at the Kirkstall Road – Cardigan Road junction and walk the last 5-minutes up Cardigan Road.

There is a regular train route from Leeds station to Burley Park. It’s a 5-minute walk down Cardigan Road to Cardigan Fish Bar from here.



The chip shop is accessible via two steps.

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Delivery Options

Collection and delivery are available.

Note from Discover Leeds: Where possible we suggest contacting directly and/or collecting as third party delivery companies take a large cut.

What To Do Next

You’re probably feeling a little heavy after that big bag of chips. Head up the road and grab a pick me up from Dukes Donuts & Coffee.

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