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Café 164 - Headingley

Café 164 – Headingley

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A community feel café, and one of the best for focaccia and ciabatta sandwiches in Leeds.

Café 164 - Headingley

164 is a bakery and coffee shop family that’s been honing their skills since the mid 90s. Their latest addition is the Headingley store. If you’re after a top ciabatta or focaccia sandwich then look no further than these guys!

There are vegan friendly, and vegetarian friendly food options available.

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The Food

The key ingredient – bread – is made fresh every day onsite. First developed back in 1994, the recipe (only 5 simply ingredients) has been perfected to compliment one thing… the filling in a sandwich.

And each filling, a combination of Italian and Middle Eastern flavours, is made with quality and care. Checkout the the 164 sandwich gallery to really appreciate what’s on offer.

The Drink

When it comes to drinks Café 164 is a purveyor of coffee – the Italian kind – and one that comes more full bodied and richer in flavour. At the Headingley café the focus is on the lighter seasonal blends, supplied by guest roasters. If you’re not after a surprise grab a cup of the house blend – it goes really well with the food! And in the summer months you can grab an iced latte or iced americano.

The Place

Café 164 Headingley is one of three family run cafes open in Leeds. Munro & Woodhouse Lane are where you can find the other two. Ellie and Matthew Andrews are the brains behind the 164 family. And have been building it since 1994.

Community is a central pillar to the success to date. Ellie and Matthew have created warm and welcoming cafes that are perfect for those with little or loads of time. This communal openness can be found in how the food is made, like in the open kitchen in Headingley where the customer can see their bread literally baking.

What’s more is whatever sandwiches are left at the end of the day, are donated to food and homeless charities.

Where to Park

The nearest free parking can be found on St Anne’s road.

How To Get Here

Google Map Directions

Headingley Station is under a mile from Café 164. Head to a buss stop on Otley road for regular bus service to and from Leeds city centre. In under 30-minutes you’ll see any one of number 1, 6, 27, 28 or 85 service come past.

Delivery Options

Collection is available.

    Note from Discover Leeds: Where possible we suggest contacting directly and/or collecting as third party delivery companies take a large cut.

    What To Do Next

    Cafe 164 is a perfect prelude to cocktails at Heaney & Mill. Literally cross Otley Road for a classic: colada, daiquiri, pornstar or espresso martini to name a few…

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